Emmerdale fans stunned as Tommy Cannon joins soap – but he’ll be dead in weeks

Viewers shouldn't get too attached to him

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Fans of Emmerdale were stunned last night when comedy legend Tommy Cannon turned up.

The former half of the Cannon and Ball double act plays Derek, a pensioner patient of Manpreet’s – but fans shouldn’t get too attached…

Fans couldn’t believe Tommy was in the village (Credit: ITV)

He’ll be dead within weeks.

Derek arrived in the village and immediately made an impact demanding to know how long Brenda’s buns had been on display in the cafe.

Within minutes he was chucking up in the loos and bringing some comedy to the soap and fans loved it.

One said: “Err, is that Tommy Cannon?? #RockOnTommy”.

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Another said: “Tommy Cannon in #Emmerdale? Blimey!”

A third said: “Do my eyes deceive me? Did I really just see #TommyCannon in #Emmerdale?!”

However, it has already been revealed that Derek will soon meet his maker after eating one of Rishi Sharma’s chocolates.

Tommy Cannon Emmerdale Derek
The 80s icon will only be in the show for a matter of weeks (Credit: ITV)

Rishi is going to brush off any concerns that his chocolates might be to blame for Derek’s death until David also becomes unwell after eating one of his creations.

And when the cause of his death is called as salmonella poisoning Rishi begins to panic.

Rishi is terrified that his chocolates have killed Derek and, despite Jai’s assurances that he isn’t to blame, things take another turn for the worst when environmental health get in touch.

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As they struggle to get their heads around what has happened, the family are left stunned when they discover who it was that reported them… but who would do such a thing?

However, Jai isn’t going to let his family take the blame for this alone, and he points the finger of suspicion at the Dingles, claiming their eggs are to blame for what has happened.

Answers about who killed Derek will be coming but he won’t be returning from the dead.

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