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Emmerdale star teases Maya’s fate: “Things took a very dark turn”

Viewers will find out next week what REALLY happened...

Emmerdale viewers are desperate to find out what REALLY happened to paedophile groomer Maya Stepney.

Is she dead? Is she alive? And will she ever face justice for her abuse of schoolboy Jacob Gallagher?

Did Leyla squash Maya like a fly? (Credit: ITV)

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During tense scenes last week, Jacob’s mum Leyla discovered what had been going on underneath her nose for months…

And her fury was palpable.

Viewers saw Leyla get into a car with Maya during the Big Night Out scenes, but the next episode (Friday April 26) went straight into the following morning with Maya nowhere to be seen.

When the girls went back to the woods to look for her, they found Priya’s scarf covered in Maya’s blood – and Maya hasn’t been seen since.

The bloodied scarf had Maya’s DNA all over it (Credit: ITV)

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Next Tuesday (May 7), we’ll finally see how Maya’s night unfolded as Leyla confesses to Jacob what happened after her, Priya and Tracy got Maya in the car at the end of the night.

Flashbacks show us the women driving away from the nightclub and it quickly becomes clear that Maya is in real danger.

Put under pressure, she escapes from the car and, with the three women in hot pursuit, things take a terrifying turn.

Actress Roxy Shahidi, who plays Leyla Harding, has explained that the evening took a “very dark turn” and that her character’s “life will change massively” afterwards.

Tracy, Leyla and Priya burn evidence (Credit: ITV)

Speaking for the first time about the hugely explosive storyline, Roxy reveals that her character is left angry and guilty after discovering her son had been abused for months without her knowing.

Talking to Digital Spy, she said: “It’s Leyla’s worst nightmare. The girls went through a range of emotions and were totally conflicted about what to do. Should they call the police? Should they take matters into their own hands?

“Leyla wanted Priya to drive them to the airport to get to Jacob initially, but something unexpected happened on the way that changed the course of the evening and things took a very dark turn.”

Leyla must confess the truth to son Jacob – how will he react? (Credit: ITV)

She added: “The enormity of it all weighs especially heavy on Leyla, who has not been completely honest with Priya and Tracy about what happened.”

The actress also confessed that while Maya could be lying dead in the woods somewhere, Leyla isn’t worried.

She explained that Leyla is more concerned about “getting in trouble with the police” than Maya’s welfare.

Meanwhile, Jacob returns from Portugal to discover the truth about his lover, and David also learns the awful facts about his girlfriend’s abuse.

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