Emmerdale SPOILERS: Wendy cheats on Bob?

Bob and Wendy have been seeing each other for a while

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Emmerdale spoilers reveal Bob wants to move things along in his relationship with Wendy. But is she interested in someone else?

Wendy and Bob have been seeing each other for the last few months. But next week he is worried Wendy is more interested in Dan.

Emmerdale spoilers: Bob puts Wendy off?

In next week’s scenes Bob confides in Dan how he and Wendy are yet to consummate their relationship and Dan encourages him to try and make a move.

Bob sets up a date night for him and Wendy (Credit: ITV)

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Later, Bob unsubtly plies Wendy with oysters, opera and dark chocolate by candle-light. But things don’t quite go to plan for Bob as it has the reverse reaction and Wendy makes her excuses and leaves.

Bob is soon worrying that he overstepped the mark and ruined things between the,.

Wendy cheats on Bob?

The next day, Dan pops over again and offers to fix Wendy’s car for free. Soon Bob is jealous to see the pair chatting together and it’s clear things are still awkward with him and Wendy after the night before.

Bob worries about Dan and Wendy (Credit: ITV)

Later Wendy makes dinner for Bob and Dan. But when Bob is called to the pub to deal with a delivery, he’s uneasy about leaving them alone together. Is he right to be worried?

The next day, Dan makes another excuse to pop in on Wendy and Bob. Bob returns home to find Wendy and Dan cosily playing cards together.

Bob finds Wendy and Dan playing cards together (Credit: ITV)

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Bob’s jealousy piques and it causes him to confront the situation. He asks Wendy where they stand, but could this finally sort things once and for all?

Is there a chance Wendy has feelings for Dan, or has Bob completely misread the situation?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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