Emmerdale SPOILERS: Victoria gives birth

Will her labour go smoothly?

There is drama heading for Emmerdale as New Year approaches when Victoria Sugden goes into labour as the bells chime for 2020. 

Victoria has been trying to get her head around the fact she will be flying solo in her new role as a parent after falling pregnant following her rape at the hands of Lee Posner last spring. 

Wendy Vic
Victoria has had a rocky pregnancy thanks to Lee’s family getting involved (Credit: ITV)

While she might have Diane Sugden fighting her battles and providing much-needed support, Victoria also has the unwelcome addition of Wendy Posner across the road, and now that Lee’s mum has moved to the village, there is no getting away from constant reminders of who her baby’s father is. 

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But soon Wendy is the least of Victoria’s problems when she goes into labour of New Year’s Eve. 

The drama starts when Victoria tells Amy Wyatt that she wants to welcome 2020 in style and the pair head out to a New Year party.

But before Victoria can even get to midnight, she feels the baby kicking around and decides to head home. 

Victoria is shocked when she gets contractions after a night out at a New Year party (Credit: ITV)

But Victoria is shocked when her waters break as the fireworks go off at midnight, and she realises that this is the moment she has been waiting for – the baby is coming! 

After spending the night in labour with Diane by her side, Victoria is terrified that something bad is going to happen, letting her fears about Lee worm their way back in.

But Diane is quick to reassure Victoria and soon she gives birth to a beautiful baby boy. 

However Victoria is scared to look at her son, fearful that he will remind her of Lee, but from the moment she looks at her baby for the first time, it is love at first sight and all worries about how he was conceived are forgotten. 

Diane is by Victoria’s side as she gives birth (Credit: ITV)

As Victoria bonds with her newborn, news that she has given birth reaches the village. But as Chas shares the happy news, Aaron Dingle is unsure how to feel about it all. 

He is still brooding over the fact he’s starting the new year without Robert by his side, and he admits that he doesn’t know if he even wants to see the baby. 

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But Victoria is oblivious to Aaron’s turmoil, in her own little baby bubble… and as she packs to leave the hospital Diane worries what the future might hold for the new mum. 

Victoria falls in love with her baby immediately and all worries about Lee are forgotten (Credit: ITV)

With Wendy bound to want to meet her new grandson, how long will Diane manage to protect Victoria from the inevitable? And will Wendy be able to keep her distance? 

It seems Victoria’s problems might only just be beginning.

Emmerdale’s hour-long special airs at 7pm on ITV on New Year’s Day

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