Emmerdale SPOILERS: Tracy makes a confession to Jamie

Jamie has made many enemies in Emmerdale

Emmerdale spoilers reveal Tracy makes a shock confession to Jamie. But what will she tell him?

Currently Jamie is trying to point the blame for the hit and run on Belle Dingle. However Nate turned himself into the police, wanting to protect his aunt.

Tracy was furious when she found out what Nate had done. But it looks like someone goes after a bit of revenge on Jamie when he discovers his tyres have been slashed.

Tracy tells Jamie she slashes his tyres (Credit: ITV)

Next week Tracy confesses Jamie that she was the one who slashed his tyres. But Nate is quick to remind Jamie that he has no way to prove it.

What will Jamie do?

Emmerdale: Tracy gets a call from Vanessa

Later, Tracy and Nate discuss their upcoming scan. But soon she gets a call from Vanessa and is unsettled by what she hears.

Tracy gets a call from Vanessa (Credit: ITV)

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What has Vanessa told her?

Emmerdale: Moira’s hit and run

Over the last few weeks, Jamie has been plotting to pin the blame for the hit and run on Belle. But viewers and the Dingles know it was Jamie who ran down Moira.

Last week, Belle learnt a new witness came forward claiming they saw her hit Moira. However they have no idea who the witness cold be?

Meanwhile her family don’t know that Bella has started hearing the voice of her late mum, Lisa.

Nate has been trying to protect Belle (Credit: ITV)

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After learning about Belle’s struggle with mental health, Nate feared her going to prison. He offered to take the blame, leaving pregnant girlfriend Tracy furious.

Despite Tracy’s pleas not to go through with it, Nate told the police he was the one who ran over Moira.

Will Nate end up going to prison for a crime Jamie committed? Or will they be able to prove it was Jamie?

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