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Tuesday 4th August 2020

Emmerdale SPOILERS: Tracy kills Kerry in revenge attack?

The truth about Frank's death is out

There's huge drama heading for Emmerdale next week when Tracy Metcalfe works out the truth about how Frank Clayton really died.

Ever since that fateful day that Frank perished in the Sharma factory fire, Kerry and Amy Wyatt have been harbouring the dark secret that they are the ones who started the blaze in the first place.

Tracy and Vanessa were devastated when their dad died in the factory fire (Credit: ITV)

After stealing the charity money to pay off Amy's debts, the pair sabotaged the factory CCTV, causing a fire to break out. But what they didn't count on was Tracy getting trapped inside the building, or for Frank to return to retrieve an engagement ring from his locker.

While Frank managed to save Tracy's life, he got caught up in an explosion which left him dead, and Kerry and Amy have been harbouring the guilt ever since.

But while the blame for the fire was pinned on Frank, Tracy has been fighting to clear his name, and next week she finds out that she was right all along and that Frank was innocent.

Tracy wasn't happy when the police revealed they thought Frank was to blame for the blaze (Credit: ITV)

Determined to have her say, Tracy agrees to meet a journalist from the Hotten Courier and asks Kerry to come along to the interview.

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But Kerry understandably can't think of anything worse and as the chat gets underway, she is squirming with guilt.

Kerry is squirming when she meets with the newspaper journalist (Credit: ITV)

However, little does she know that her dark secret is about to be exposed, and Frank's keyring is about to be her undoing...

When she finds the keyring in a bin and pockets it, Kerry thinks she has got away with anyone else seeing it... but when it falls out of her bag and Tracy finds it, things start to unravel.

Kerry struggles to hide her guilt, unaware that everything is about to unravel for her (Credit: ITV)

Kerry and Amy struggle to keep their cool while Tracy questions them about the keyring, but later a suspicious Tracy goes in search of the keyring in Kerry's bedroom and is shocked when she discovers more incriminating evidence.

After finding passports along with some one-way tickets out of the country, Tracy is adamant that Kerry is hiding something and goes to grill her.

Eventually it all gets too much for Kerry and she cracks, admitting that she is the one who stole the money and started the fire that killed Frank.

Tracy confronts Kerry next week (Credit: ITV)

But while she might be confessing to her crimes, Kerry lies to Tracy and says she was the only one to blame, desperate to keep Amy's name in the clear. But when Amy later arrives, the full truth finally emerges.

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A furious Tracy interrogates Amy about the fire and eventually she gets the truth out of her. As the enormity of what Kerry and Amy have done hits Tracy, she is fuming with her friends and all hell breaks loose.

The truth is out! (Credit: ITV)

Realising that they need to stop Tracy going to the police, Kerry and Amy lock her in the house. But Tracy soon finds a window of opportunity and, siezing the moment, she makes a run for it out of the back door.

But as Kerry and Amy race after her, Kerry falls and hits her head hard... leaving her lying motionless on the floor.

As Tracy looks round she sees Amy standing over her mum's unresponsive body and she is convinced that she has inadvertently killed Kerry.

Has Tracy accidentally caused Kerry's death? (Credit: ITV)

Does this mean that Tracy also now has blood on her hands?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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