Emmerdale spoilers

Emmerdale spoilers tonight: What’s happening on Thursday, July 22 2021

Mack has got mixed up

Emmerdale spoilers for tonight reveal that Mack can’t stop gossiping about what’s happening at Eric’s barn.

Meanwhile Victoria tells Wendy about Robert’s news and Heath isn’t happy that Bob is giving April more of his attention.

All this and more in tonight’s episodes of Emmerdale.

Emmerdale spoilers: Mack gets things wrong

Mack gossips (Credit: ITV)

In last night’s episode (Wednesday, July 21) Mack went up to help Brenda and Faith move stuff.

However he overheard Faith giving Brenda a massage and got the wrong end of the stick.

In the village, Mackenzie can’t stop gossiping about what’s going on up at the barn with Brenda, Faith and Eric.

Back at the barn, Sarah walks in and overhears Faith talking about death.

Faith is concerned when Sarah asks her if her cancer has come back.

Faith admits that she had tests done, but no one else can know yet.

Meanwhile in the pub, the gossipers confront Pollard who squirms to fend of the suspicions.

Faith pleads with a distressed Sarah to keep quiet. However Chas comes along and sees Sarah is upset and demands the truth.

It looks like Faith will be forced to come clean.

Victoria has news for Wendy

Victoria tells Wendy the news (Credit: ITV)

Earlier this week, Victoria told Aaron that Robert has decided not to appeal his conviction.

Tonight Victoria tells Wendy the news about Robert, but Wendy is left conflicted.

Ben’s secret revealed?

Will Ben tell Aaron the truth? (Credit: ITV)

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Ben has not been truthful with Aaron about his life, however soon things start to become clear.

Heath has had enough

Heath isn’t happy (Credit: ITV)

Bob’s son Heath has a bad time at football, but Bob pays little attention to him.

Soon Bob is heaping praise on April. Cathy notes her brother’s hurt.

Amy and Matty have advice for Ethan

Amy and Matty have advice for Ethan (Credit: ITV)

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Amy and Matty try to convince Ethan to pursue love, not lust.

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Emmerdale continues tonight at 7pm and 8pm on ITV.

Emmerdale usually airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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