Emmerdale Leyla and Liam spoilers

Emmerdale spoilers tonight: Leyla’s drug addiction leads to baby heartache?

Liam is still oblivious to his wife's issues

Emmerdale spoilers tonight see Leyla continue to struggle with her drug addiction.

With Liam determined to have a baby with her, is her dependence on cocaine going to make that impossible?

Meanwhile on the ITV soap, Chas knows it’s wrong to be near Al, but she just can’t keep away.

And, Nicola’s PTSD is taking hold.

All this and more in tonight’s Emmerdale spoilers.

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Emmerdale Leyla is annoyed as Liam keeps going on about babies
Can anyone spot Leyla’s got a problem? (Credit: ITV)

Leyla’s baby heartache

With Liam now set on trying for a baby, Leyla clearly isn’t as keen.

He wants to get healthy and eat clean, but she dismisses his ideas. She also makes it very clear she is sick of him banging on about babies.

Liam seems oblivious, but he is also oblivious to the fact she’s on another drug come down.

As she tries to fight the urge to do cocaine again, Leyla soon fails.

But is her drug addiction putting paid to any ideas of getting pregnant?

Emmerdale Al and Chas passionately kiss in the woods
Al and Chas know it’s a bad idea (Credit: ITV)

Chas can’t resist Al in Emmerdale spoilers tonight

Preparing for her secret meeting with Al, Chas knows what she’s doing is wrong. But feeling like her life is out of control, she thinks this is what she needs.

Seeking comfort with him, Chas kisses Al and Chas suggests they go to a hotel.

Will she live to regret it?

Nicola’s panic gets worse

Nicola can’t answer the door when someone knocks. She’s shaking and terrified, but relieved to discover it’s Bernice.

Bernice and Nicola go over the green initiative proposal, but Nicola is thrown when Bernice suggests she deliver the presentation.

Nicola is shaky when Bernice has to leave and begs her to stay. But when Bernie says she has to go, Nicola feels trapped and alone.

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Emmerdale Rhona is annoyed when thrilled Mary says she's booked the wedding
Has Mary gone too far this time? (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale spoilers tonight: Rhona’s wedding shock!

Mary jokes to Rhona she’s worried she’ll be dead before Rhona gets married.

Rhona says she’ll book the wedding, but Mary knows she won’t get round to it, so does it for her!

Rhona’s fuming when Mary announces she’s booked the wedding and the date is soon.

Will Rhona agree to go ahead with the big day? And what will Marlon say?

Emmerdale usually airs weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV, with an hour episode on Thursdays.

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