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Emmerdale spoilers tonight: Chas makes a shock decision after Faith collapses

Is Faith getting worse?

Emmerdale spoilers tonight reveal Faith is finding her chemotherapy hard.

When she collapses, Chas is forced into a shock decision, but will she stick to her guns?

Meanwhile on the ITV soap, Nicola can’t cope and it leads to terrible danger…

Find out everything from tonight’s Emmerdale spoilers.

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Emmerdale Belle and Chas rush to Faith's side as she collapses in pain
Faith is really suffering (Credit: ITV)

Faith collapses

The effects of the chemo are taking their toll on Faith.

As she struggles on, it’s clear she’s not well at all and her heart just isn’t in it.

Faith soon collapses and Chas feels awful.

Emmerdale Chas worriedly asks Faith if she's okay as concerned Al watches on
Chas realises what she has to do (Credit: ITV)

Chas makes big decision

Her guilt getting the better of her, Chas makes a decision about her future.

She cuts all ties with Al.

But will she stick to it? Or will she end up back in his arms before too long?

Nicola King is in shock after the crash
Nicola is in a state of shock (Credit: ITV)

More Emmerdale spoilers for tonight

Nicola forced out of the house

Not wanting to be alone, Nicola tries to stop Rodney leaving the house.

But he has to go, so she turns her attentions to Bernice and begs her to come over under the pretence of helping with the presentation.

Her tactics only work for so long though.

Nicola is soon left alone and begins to panic.

It’s made worse when she’s the only one able to pick the kids up from school. She heads to the car, but it’s clear she’s in no fit state to drive.

David and Laurel look horrified as they talk to Nicola in the car in Emmerdale
David is fuming with Nicola (Credit: ITV)

Car crash horror in Emmerdale spoilers tonight

With flashbacks to her attack overwhelming her, Nicola is in spin. She slams on the brakes, but accidentally pushes the accelerator instead and smashes straight into David’s van.

Furious David demands her insurance details, but Nicola can’t cope.

She races back inside and slams the door shut, bolting it.

David bangs away outside wanting the insurance details, but Nicola is unable to let him in.

Will anyone see just how much she’s suffering and step in to help?

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