Emmerdale Manpreet and Meena

Emmerdale spoilers: Meena finally gets her punishment

But what will it be?

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Emmerdale spoilers for tonight reveal Meena is sentenced, but will she get what she deserves?

After the dramatic events of last week, the village is still reeling.

But Meena is confident she’ll draw another crowd to her hearing. Will anyone turn up for her last show?

Also, Paddy makes a gesture for Marlon, and Chas warns Belle away from Al.

All this and more in tonight’s Emmerdale spoilers.

Meena awaits her verdict in Emmerdale
Will Meena take her sentence quietly? (Credit: ITV)

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Meena is sentenced

Meena is preparing to face the judge for one last time, but Liam is determined not to go to court.

Jacob comes up with an idea to plant a memorial tree and the villagers vow to move on from her torment.

In court, Meena is unnerved when she finds no one has come to see her final show.

However, Manpreet arrives and Meena is excited her sister wasn’t able to keep away.

But the smile is soon wiped off her face when she is given her sentence.

How long will Meena get? And is this the last we’ll see of her?

Emmerdale Paddy looks at Marlon on the video call as April looks on
Rhona is grateful for Paddy’s gesture (Credit: ITV)

Paddy makes a gesture to Marlon

Elsewhere, Paddy is determined to help Marlon feel included and sets up an Easter egg hunt in the village.

Marlon watches via video call.

Rhona is grateful to Paddy for organising the event.

Chas has a warning for Belle

With Belle full of her business plans with Al, Chas is worried.

She has a warning for Belle to be careful as Al is always out for himself.

But Belle’s sure she can handle herself. Is she right?

Emmerdale Chloe looks pleased as she and Noah talk in David's
Will Chloe choose Noah? (Credit: ITV)

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Noah charms Chloe

Determined to win back her affections, Noah plots to charm Chloe.

He buys her expensive gig tickets that are hard to get.

She’s grateful, but will she take him back or are her attentions elsewhere?

Lydia forces Sam to step up

Lydia is worried about Samson after how cruel he was to Cathy.

She sets up a chat between Sam and his son about the birds and the bees, but how will Sam handle it?

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