David and Victoria return to Emmerdale tonight

Emmerdale spoilers tonight: David and Victoria return to the village

Dawn frets about the Save the Date post in tonight's visit to Emmerdale

Emmerdale spoilers for tonight reveal that David and Victoria  finally return to the village. And so does Manpreet, who struggles with anxiety.

Also, Dawn worries after she let Leyla talk her into posting a ‘save the date announcement’ on social media.

And it’s a sad day for Ryan as he attends Irene’s funeral.

Here’s a full rundown of what to expect in tonight’s Emmerdale.

Emmerdale spoilers: David and Victoria return tonight

David and Victoria make their long-awaited return to the village tonight says Metro. The couple have been in Portugal since escaping Meena’s clutches back in October.

Can’t wait to see their tans.

Actors Matthew Wolfenden and Isabel Hodgins have been away from the ITV soap following a ‘race row’.

Manpreet struggles with her feelings

Manpreet is nervous as she arrives back in Emmerdale after leaving hospital.

Despite reassurance from Charles and Harriet, she continues to struggle.

Her worries about being blamed for Meena’s actions grow, but is she right to be anxious? Are there people in the village who hold her responsible?

Emmerdale Fir 28 Jan Manpreet puts on a brave face as she continues to struggle
Manpreet tries to put on a brave face as she returns to the village (Credit: ITV)

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Her and Charles remain united, but is Manpreet having second thoughts about returning to Emmerdale?

There’s happier scenes for Dawn and Billy as she starts to get excited about the wedding.

But she’s feeling anxious too, especially about the social media announcement. And rightly so, after last night’s dramatic episode revealed that Meena has already seen the Save the Date post.

When is Dawn marrying Billy?

Meena then revealed to Tommy (the trucker who she escaped the village with) that she was heading back to the village because her friend was getting married. And that she is planning a big surprise.

Billy, blissfully unaware that Meena is still watching Dawn’s social media, tries to reassure her.

Her spirits are soon lifted when Harriet tells them that Charles has agreed to officiate the wedding.

It’s full-steam ahead for Dawn, who immediately begins to panic about finding a venue in time.

She really should be thinking about how to fit a stab-vest under her wedding dress.

Emmerdale Thu 27 Jan Billy and Dawn are keen to get married as soon as possible
Dawn is excited about her upcoming marriage (Credit: ITV)

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Last night, Emmerdale fans were all making the same joke about Meena’s return. They were baffled at how the serial killer is still in the same clothes and still with Tommy, yet has only made it to (checks notes) Scotland?

She fled two weeks ago after being exposed as a murderer. And still has another fortnight – plus a few days – before Dawn’s wedding. Time must pass differently while on the run.

Elsewhere, Charity tries to support a distraught Ryan on the day of Irene’s funeral.

Will she be able to offer him the comfort he needs as he says goodbye to the woman who raised him?

Knowing Charity, probably not. But she’ll give it a good go.

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