Emmerdale spoilers Monday 17 May

Emmerdale spoilers today: What’s happening on Monday, 17 May 2021

Liv is out of control and Gabby's being watched!

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Another week, another set of dramas for the residents of Emmerdale – here are the spoilers for tonight’s episode.

Liv’s drinking spirals out of control as she contends with her guilt over Paul’s death and the pain of Vinny dumping her. 

Aaron desperately tries to help his sister, suggesting she talk to Vinny again but she refuses.

Emmerdale spoilers Monday May 17
Emmerdale spoilers reveal Li is out of control tonight (Credit: ITV)

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And that’s probably sensible right now, as Vinny’s in no mood to deal with his ex – and he is adamant that he has no space for another lying addict in his life.

Later, Liv runs out of booze and, desperate for another fix, she heads to the pub.

With all inhibitions and sense out of the window, she hooks up with a man called Max, who clearly has dishonourable intentions. 

But back at home with the sleazy stranger, Liv begins to feel uncomfortable with what he’s obviously expecting from her.

Emmerdale spoilers Monday 17 May
Aaron is shocked by how low his sister Liv has sunk (Credit: ITV)

Aaron to the rescue

Her big brother arrives in the nick of time but, rather than Liv thank him, she has a massive go instead, hurling a bottle at him

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After pushing him away, the troubled teen crumples in a drunken mess, howling like a wounded animal, convinced Aaron will now never forgive her.

Emmerdale spoilers Monday 17 May
Gabby begins to feel like someone is watching her! (Credit: Emmerdale)

Is the game up for Gabby?

Elsewhere in Emmerdale, the net is closing in on Gabby as she foolishly flaunts her new-found wealth in designer gear.

If you’re going to rip off the woman you live with right under her nose, at least be a little more subtle about your ill-gotten gains.

Gabby is probably secure in the knowledge that Kim is so out of it she wouldn’t notice Cain Dingle swinging naked on the chandeliers.

But, little does she yet realise, there are other eyes upon her…

Suspicious Jamie orders his little spy Noah to get his hands on her laptop.

Gabby’s alarmed when she catches Noah watching her later as she passes muddle-headed Kim a notebook she’d ‘mislaid’.

Meanwhile, Ethan tells his dad he’s going to put the search for his mum behind him after so many upsets and setbacks and start living his life. 

But is he telling the truth?

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