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15 Emmerdale spoilers: A break-up, a bombshell and a big proposal

Leyla is not happy - and neither is Noah

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Emmerdale spoilers for next week reveal Suzy‘s lies are unravelling and it leaves Leyla in a very dangerous position.

Meanwhile, Noah isn’t sure about his future and plots to flee.

Also in the ITV soap, David decides to move his relationship with Victoria forward – but will she be keen?

All the gossip from next week’s Emmerdale spoilers below!

Emmerdale Vanessa is upset as she pleads with Suzy not to give up on them
Suzy is caught out (Credit: ITV)

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1. Vanessa exposes Suzy’s lies

Leyla lets slip to Vanessa that Suzy knew Holly Barton.

Vanessa is shaken to find out Suzy lied to her.

She starts to question their relationship and just how serious it is…

Emmerdale Suzy is torn as she dumps Vanessa
It’s over – for about five minutes… (Credit: ITV)

2. Suzy dumps Vanessa

Aware her lies are unravelling and feeling bad, Suzy thinks Vanessa’s better off without her.

She finishes things, leaving Vanessa stunned.

Emmerdale Vanessa is upset as she pleads with Suzy not to give up on them
V’s not too proud to beg (Credit: ITV)

3. Vanessa begs for another chance

Vanessa immediately blames herself, thinking she’s come on too strong.

She begs Suzy to reconsider and give them a chance.

Suzy agrees to stay.

4. Suzy drops a bombshell on Leyla

Leyla is thrilled Suzy is sticking around, but Suzy soon leaves her panicking…

Suzy tells her she’s giving up the coke and is going to start living a cleaner life.

Leyla is worried how and where she’ll get her next fix.

Emmerdale Leyla Cavanagh looks shocked and concerned
Leyla is panicked (Credit: ITV)

5. Leyla’s stash destroyed

Leyla invites Suzy over for a brunch, but Suzy is well aware what she’s really after.

Suzy insists it’s time they both got clean, but it’s clear Leyla is horrified by the thought.

As Suzy tips the remains of her stash down the sink, Leyla isn’t happy. But will she eventually see sense?

More Emmerdale spoilers

Emmerdale Charity is appalled when Noah says he doesn't want to plead guilty
Charity can’t believe what she’s hearing (Credit: ITV)

6. Noah stuns Charity

Noah is fuming as his solicitor runs through his defence plea for his hearing.

He tells Charity he doesn’t want to plead guilty, leaving her completely shocked at his gall.

7. Noah plans to run

After bumping into Amy, who doesn’t mince her words, Noah is rattled.

He tells his mum he’s going to do a runner rather than facing the court.

But Charity refuses to go along with his plan.

Will Noah flee alone?

8. Sarah gets through

Noah is found by Sarah, who tries to get him to see sense and attend his court hearing.

Noah listens to what she has to say, but is unsure whether or not to plead guilty…

Emmerdale nervous Noah appears in court
How will Noah plead? (Credit: ITV)

9. Noah goes to court

Charity is anxious as Noah appears in the dock.

The charges against him are read out, but what will Noah plead?

Emmerdale David is annoyed when Pollard tells him not to rush things with Victoria
David’s not keen on his dad’s advice (Credit: ITV)

10. Pollard has a plea for David

When Victoria tells David their relationship is great, he decides to make it official.

Pollard begs his son not to rush into anything, but will David listen?

David Metcalfe gets down on one knee and proposes to Victoria Sugden
Is Victoria going to break his heart? (Credit: ITV)

11. David proposes!

David doesn’t listen for a second and heads off to buy an engagement ring.

He sets up a romantic surprise in the woods and gets down on one knee when she arrives.

Victoria is speechless, but will she say yes?

Emmerdale Amelia is humiliated so Samson tries to reassure her
Amelia isn’t interested in Samson’s comfort (Credit: ITV)

12. Amelia upset in Emmerdale spoilers

Samson steps in to reassure Amelia.

She has been left hurt by a negative comment on one of her online posts.

Emmerdale Cathy quizzes Amelia over a suspicious bottle of pills
Amelia is putting herself in serious danger (Credit: ITV)

13. Amelia’s on drugs

Constantly focused on her body image, Amelia buys some diet pills off the internet.

Cathy spots her with a suspicious bottle and quizzes her, but Amelia manages to distract her.

Amelia knows the tablets are bad for her, but will she stop taking them before they do serious damage?

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14. Emmerdale spoilers: Caravan crisis!

Lydia decides she’s going to buy herself a top of the range caravan.

However, Sam has spotted an old motorhome at the scrapyard and decided to transform it into Lydia’s dream caravan.

Will they get on the same page before too much money is lost?

Tired and sore Faith struggles to get hold of Moira on the phone in Emmerdale
How much longer can Faith hide the truth? (Credit: ITV)

15. Faith’s cancer exposed?

Moira takes Faith to the hospital and begs her to tell Cain and Chas the truth about her cancer.

Moira is terrified over how Cain will react to such a big secret being kept from him.

But Faith won’t budge and sends Moira away.

After Faith has had her procedure, she calls Moira for a lift, but can’t get through.

Wendy sees her, but will she bust Faith’s big secret?

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