Emmerdale SPOILERS: Sarah in trouble with the police as she’s caught stealing?

Sarah took a few items from Holdgate

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Emmerdale previews has revealed Sarah gets a hold of Priya’s phone. But will she end up in trouble with the police when Priya threatens to call them?

Last week, viewers saw Sarah break into Holdgate office and help herself to a few items of jewelry whilst looking for clues for Kirin’s whereabouts.

Sarah took some jewelry from Holdgate (Credit: ITV)

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But as Charity came in to get her granddaughter out, Priya came back. Whilst Sarah and Charity hid, they overheard Priya on the phone to Kirin’s sister.

In tonight’s episode of the soap (Monday, August 3) a preview clip reveals Charity kicking Priya’s car in order to set off the alarm.

She hopes it will distract Priya so Sarah can escape. But as Sarah gets out of the building Priya follows closely behind.

Priya catches Sarah. But Sarah takes Priya’s phone (Credit: ITV)

It turns out Sarah has taken Priya’s mobile. As Priya has a go at Charity, Charity tells her she had no idea what Sarah was up to and demands her granddaughter hand the phone back.

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As Sarah refuses, Priya tells the teenager to keep the mobile and she’ll just call the police from the landline. Will Sarah give it back? Or will she end up in trouble with the police?

Emmerdale: What happens next with Sarah?

After Sarah rushes outside, Charity texts Priya’s text and realises Sarah has got it wrong.

Whilst it isn’t revealed whether Sarah returns the phone to Priya, the teenager later shows Noah the ring and bracelet she stole from Holdgate.

Priya discovers Sarah took more than just her phone (Credit: ITV)

When Priya realises her ring has been stolen, she tells Al about Sarah breaking in.

Al checks his laptop bag and realises a bracelet is missing, but he hides this from Priya.

Priya later confronts Sarah once again and demands she returns whatever she took from Holdgate. However as Sarah hands the stuff back, Priya is confused to see a bracelet she doesn’t recognise amongst the items.

Priya finds a bracelet she doesn’t recognise in amongst the stolen items (Credit: ITV)

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Will Priya report Sarah to the police?

Emmerdale: Al cheating on Priya?

Priya starts to wonder why her boyfriend kept the bracelet secret from her but Al insists Sarah didn’t take anything of his.

She starts to suspect he may be seeing another woman. Is she right?

Emmerdale airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7pm on ITV.

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