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Emmerdale SPOILERS: Rishi Sharma left for dead in car crash by Meena

The businessman's life is in danger

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Rishi Sharma will be left in danger in Emmerdale next week when he crashes his car.

The businessman accidentally drives off road and is left barely conscious and unable to free himself.

Rishi’s left for dead by Meena’s evil scheme (Credit: ITV)

Slumped against the steering wheel, Rishi comes to and realises he’s in a desperate situation.

Realising his vital medication isn’t in the car, he tries to call wife Manpreet to beg for help.

But as he’s trying to get through, there’s no answer and eventually his phone dies.

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Desperate to keep himself alive as the temperature drops, he huddles in his coat to try and protect himself from the freezing weather.

Back at home, Manpreet begins to worry over Rishi’s whereabouts and can’t understand why he hasn’t returned home.

And worse still – she can’t find her phone, leaving her panicking.

She then plays the hero to fake save Rishi Sharma (Credit: ITV)

The doctor enlists her stepdaughter Priya and sister Meena to look for him and they all head out.

Meena manages to find Rishi’s whereabouts and is quite the hero as she rescues him from the car.

As Rishi expresses his gratitude, Meena basks in his admiration – however there’s something different about her reaction.

Meena proves she has a deadly side in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale’s Meena almost kills Rishi Sharma

When Meena returns Rishi home, Manpreet has to show her gratitude too – though she’s not happy with it.

And her instincts are spot on as when Meena is left alone, it’s revealed she was responsible for the lost phone and disappearing pills.

She had planned the entire situation by hiding his pills, causing the car accident and keeping Manpreet from helping her husband.

It seems her plan to worm her way back into Manpreet’s good books is successful.

Meena’s full of righteous indignation the next day, while reminding her sister about how she ruined her relationship with David.

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Will Manpreet admit to David that she has been unfair about her sister?

When Meena gives Manpreet her phone back, claiming it was down the side of the couch, Manpreet’s baffled, unsure of how it ended up there.

Will she catch her sister out?

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