Rhona in Emmerdale is shocked by Pierce's news

Emmerdale spoilers: Rhona shaken as evil ex Pierce drops bombshell

He can still get in her head

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Rhona Goskirk is left reeling in Emmerdale next week, spoilers reveal.

The vet, played by Zoe Henry in the ITV soap, is chilled to the bone when a stranger arrives in the village. She’s even more horrified when he tells her he’s there on Pierce’s behalf.

Rhona in Emmerdale is shocked by Pierce's news
Rhona gets an unwelcome blast from the past (credit: ITV)

He hands her a letter, but Vanessa Woodfield tells her she should just bin it.

Vanessa’s annoyed later when she realises that Rhona still has the letter.

After reading it, Rhona tells Vanessa that Pierce is dying and wants help finding his son, Marcus.

Of course Vanessa doesn’t buy it, instead believing it’s an evil plan by Pierce trying to lure Rhona back in.

Vanessa is adamant that Rhona stays out of it so she’s miffed when Rhona tells her she’s going to help.

Vanessa even threatens to tell Marlon what she’s doing if she doesn’t stop looking for Pierce’s son.

Pierce’s son Marcus arrives in the village (Credit: ITV)

Later, Rhona tells Vanessa that she’s checked in with the prison – it’s true, Pierce is really dying.

Rhona begins her search in earnest, looking on social media for Marcus.

But she has no real idea what she’s doing and is pleased when Ryan offers to help her.

Ryan is as good as his word and soon hands her Marcus’ phone number.

Rhona is nervous as she calls Marcus and leaves a voicemail.

Despite Vanessa meddling and trying to stop Marcus and Rhona coming face to face, they eventually do.

What happens when Rhona breaks the news that Pierce is dying? And will she tell Marcus what Pierce did to her?

Vanessa attempts to keep Rhona away from Marcus – and Pierce (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fans know that Pierce brutally raped Rhona on their wedding day.

She was so scared she didn’t tell anyone at first, but eventually confessed to Vanessa.

With Vanessa’s support Rhona reported him to the police.

She was left devastated when Pierce claimed she enjoyed ‘rough sex’. He even used a sex tape he’d coerced her into, as part of his defence.

Eventually Pierce was found guilty of rape and sentenced to five years in prison.

Rhona visited her ex in prison on one occasion where he tried to apologise. But Rhona saw he was trying to manipulate her and walked out after branding him sad and pathetic.

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