Emmerdale spoilers Leyla is pregnant (1)

Emmerdale SPOILERS: Pregnancy shock for Leyla!

Will she ever tell Liam?

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Next week’s Emmerdale spoilers show that Leyla’s got some life-changing news for Liam – she’s pregnant.

It’s been a devastating time for the newlyweds following Leanna’s tragic demise, and their marriage has been rocky.

It’s only been a short time since grieving Liam has stopped directing his anger towards his wife.

But is it the right time for Leyla to reveal she’s expecting their first child together?

Emmerdale spoilers: Baby bombshell rocks Leyla

Emmerdale spoilers - Leyla takes a pregnancy test
Leyla’s suspicions are confirmed (Credit: ITV)

Things are still difficult in the Cavanagh household, particularly as Liam and Jacob remain at loggerheads.

Leyla’s been caught in the middle of their feuding, and the strain is starting to show.

But it looks like she’s got more to worry about than the squabbling blokes in her life when she suspects she’s expecting.

Leyla buys a test and steels herself to find out for sure whether she’s right.

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When the test comes back positive, it’s obvious that Leyla is struggling to process the news.

Given how things have been between them, Leyla isn’t sure how Liam will react.

So, the last thing she needs is for him to drop into their conversation that he can’t cope with any more surprises.

Liam closes it down

Liam Cavanagh Emmerdale
Liam’s still finding it hard to cope (Credit: ITV)

Leyla is poised to reveal the news until she and Liam have a chat that changes everything.

He talks about his mental torment and how another surprise might push him over the edge.

Leyla has already seen him totally destroyed by Leanna’s death, and she’s desperate not to upset him.

So, instead of revealing the baby news, she decides to hide the truth.

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Jacob knows something is up and asks Priya to check in on his struggling mum.

When the two women have a heart-to-heart, it’s not long before Leyla opens up.

Priya is horrified to realise that she’s too scared to tell Liam about the baby.

But Leyla insists that Priya must keep the pregnancy quiet because she cannot drop another bombshell into Liam’s world.

Is Leyla right to fear the revelation would end her marriage?

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