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Tuesday 7th April 2020

Emmerdale SPOILERS: Kim becomes Pierce’s next victim?

Is Pierce about to kill again?

There's terror heading to Emmerdale next week when Kim Tate finds herself lined up as Pierce Harris's next victim as she unmasks his true identity.

For weeks Kim has been fooled by Pierce as he pretends to be a solicitor called Ollie.

But while Kim thinks they met by chance when she accidentally ran Pierce off his bike one morning, little does she know he orchestrated the whole thing and has been lying ever since.

Al confesses to Kim that he isn't the one who killed Graham (Credit: ITV)

But the scales are set to fall from Kim's eyes next week when she starts to do some digging into Graham's death and her detective work leaves her life in serious danger.

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After Rhona Goskirk visits Home Farm to tell Kim that she has worked out Pierce killed Graham, Al Chapman dismisses her theory, desperate to keep up his own pretence that he is the one who killed Graham.

But something strikes a chord with Kim and she asks Al to go over his version of events again from the night Graham died, and eventually Al is forced to reveal that he isn't the one with blood on his hands after all.

The truth is out... but soon Kim is trying to work out who did kill Graham (Credit: ITV)

Kim is angry, but also slightly relieved that she doesn't have Graham's death on her conscience after all... but she is intrigued by Rhona's theory about Pierce and does some digging.

When she looks through old news reports about Pierce and Kim, she is shocked to realise that Ollie is actually Rhona's evil ex husband.

However, while Kim is doing her detective work, Pierce has made contact with Rhona and lured her to Mulberry, pretending that if she does as he says then she can save Vanessa's life, who he is still keeping hostage.

Rhona is horrified when she gets a video call from Vanessa (Credit: ITV)

A sickened Rhona does as he asks, but once she gets there he takes her phone away from her.

She goes along with his plan, but while she's trying to work out exactly what he is plotting, Pierce is distracted by a thud from upstairs and as he goes to check what is happening.

As soon as he's gone, Kim suddenly appears and starts demanding to know what is going on.

Rhona meets Pierce in a bid to save Vanessa, but she is soon caught up in a living nightmare (Credit: ITV)

But before Rhona can warn Kim that she has just walked into living nightmare, Pierce approaches from behind and knocks Kim out cold with a huge candle stick.

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Rhona can only watch in horror as Pierce drags Kim's lifeless body to a bedroom upstairs where he ties her up. But has he killed her in cold blood or will Kim survive the attack?

Pierce attacks Kim... but will she survive? (Credit: ITV)

The realisation that things are getting seriously dangerous and she doesn't have her phone hits Rhona like a ton of bricks.

How is she going to get help now?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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