Emmerdale SPOILERS: Paul gambles with Mandy’s money?

Paul has been struggling with his gambling addiction

Emmerdale spoilers reveal Paul gets his hands on Mandy’s money. But will he end up gambling it all away?

In next week’s scenes Vinny is uneasy when Mandy tells him she wants them to have their own place, just her Vinny and Paul.

Mandy tells her son she has enough money for the deposit but decides to keep it a secret from Paul for the time being.

Vinny is uneasy when Mandy tells him she wants them to have their own place (Credit: ITV)

Later, Paul tells Sam that gambling is behind him.

Mandy and Vinny are proud of Paul when he tells them he resisted the urge to gamble and called his mentor instead.

Emmerdale: Paul gambles with Mandy’s money?

But when Paul hears about the plans to get their own place, he’s hurt that he’s been left out of the loop. He offers to deposit the money at the bank but neither of them think it’s a good idea.

Paul offers to deposit the money at the bank (Credit: ITV)

Paul feels angry and hurt that they don’t trust him and as Vinny leaves, Paul secretly pockets the cash.

Later Paul finds himself at the bookies, but will he end up losing all of Mandy’s deposit money?

Paul secretly pockets Mandy’s cash (Credit: ITV)

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Soon Mandy is excited after receiving a call from the estate agent saying they got the house. But what does this mean for Paul?

Paul’s gambling addiction

A few weeks ago, Vinny discovered his dad had been gambling again after finding a betting slip in his coat pocket.

But things escalated when Vinny confronted Paul over taking money from the Dingles and Ellis’s watch. Paul turned violent and ended up attacking his son.

Paul attacked Vinny (Credit: ITV)

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Paul begged his son for another chance and Vinny agreed not to tell Mandy about his gambling.

But will she end up finding out the truth? Will he end up losing her money for a deposit?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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