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Emmerdale spoilers: Next week revealed in all-new pictures

Jacob gets on Meena's bad side

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Emmerdale spoilers for next week reveal Jacob gets on the wrong side of Meena.

Meanwhile David makes a move on Victoria, and Brenda is determined to help Faith.

All this and more in next week’s Emmerdale.

1. Jacob makes an enemy of Meena

Emmerdale spoilers July 6 - Jacob and Meena clash again?

Meena offers to pay for Jacob’s airfare if he wants to go travelling, as long as he keeps it a secret.

Jacob plays along, but after Maya, he can tell when he’s being manipulated.

Later Meena wants to celebrate his impending departure, but Jacob bursts her bubble.

Meena warns Jacob not to make an enemy of her, leaving him unnerved.

2. Meena leaves Leanna creeped out

Emmerdale spoilers Tuesday July 6 - Leanna is shocked when Meena appears

Meanwhile Manpreet tells Liam that she wants to give her old travelling rucksack to Leanna.

However she’s unaware Meena has some possessions hidden in it.

Emmerdale spoilers July 6 - Meena confronts Leanna

Meena confronts Manpreet about the rucksack and she explains she gave it to Liam to give to Leanna.

Later Leanna is creeped out when Meena enters her bedroom and asks for the rucksack.

3. David cheats on Meena?

Emmerdale cast

David and Victoria arrange to look after their babies together.

The sparks begin to fly between them as they enjoy each other’s company.

Later they get caught up in the moment and David leans in to kiss Victoria.

What will happen if Meena finds out?

4. Brenda tries to help Faith

Faith is avoiding Chas, who thinks she took Cain’s money to leave.

Brenda tries to talk some sense into Faith.

However Faith struggles to hear it and tells Brenda to sort out her own relationship before getting on her high horse.

Later, Pollard is desperate to make amends with Brenda and she finds herself powerless to resist him.

When Brenda suggests that she has a better plan than kicking out Brenda in her hour of need, Pollard is all ears.

In the Woolpack backroom, Chas is left crestfallen as Faith gives Cain his money back and, fighting back tears, exits with her head held high.

Later Brenda tells Faith she can stay at Pollard’s barn, but she’s moving in too to make sure nothing else is going on.

Faith is grateful for her support.

5. Billy left infuriated

Matty puts his foot in it when he tells Mack about Leanna’s infatuation with Billy.

Billy is left seething. He realises he’s never going to hear the end of this.

6. Ben’s secret

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Ben is desperately trying to cover some unwanted texts and calls. He is on edge around Aaron.

What’s going on? Who is trying to contact him?

7. Kim offers her support to Gabby

Kim offers to take Gabby for her scan if Bernice lets her down. Will Bernice be there for Gabby when she needs her?

8. Ryan gives Mack a warning

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Ryan is pleased when Mack appears to heed his warning to leave Dawn alone. But will Mack listen for long?

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