Emmerdale spoilers

Emmerdale spoilers: Next week revealed in all-new pictures – August 2 – 6

Gabby collapses in pain

Emmerdale spoilers for next week reveal Jamie plans to move away.

Meanwhile Gabby is rushed to hospital, and a fight breaks out between Mandy and Nicola.

All this and more in next week’s Emmerdale.

Emmerdale spoilers: Next week

1 .Will drops a bombshell on Gabby

Will accidentally mentions to Gabby that Jamie is moving away.

Soon Jamie breaks into Home Farm to access the safe, but before he can get the cash Gabby arrives.

Jamie hides in the shadows.

As Gabby is about to call the police, he appears with a bag of cash.

2. Gabby rushed to hospital

She’s angry that he’s leaving and upset by his betrayal.

Suddenly Gabby clutches her stomach in pain.

Will arrives and decides to take Gabby to hospital.

As Jamie leaves Home Farm he admits to Gabby he never wanted their baby.

Bernice visits Gabby and admits she’s been a lousy mother, but is determined to make up for it.

She asks Gabby to move in with her.

What will her daughter say?

3. Faith gets her results

Sarah is feeling increasingly stressed after Leanna’s death and Faith is nervous about her results.

Sarah is uneasy when Faith suggests living life on the edge – she’s booked some activities at the HOP.

Excited, Sarah invites Cain to be there.

Soon Faith gets a call from the doctors’ to go in urgently and she steels herself for bad news.

Hearing Cain is joining them, Faith decides not to ruin things and keeps the news from him and Sarah.

When Cain questions Faith about her results she’s forced to admit she’s got them.

Cain is angry she lied and casts her out of the family. Again.

Later Sarah goes to visit Leanna’s grave and is panicky when she runs into Liam.

4. Sarah collapses

Liam reflects on Leanna’s death and how fate just determines when it’s your turn to go.

Anxious Sarah rushes home where she slumps on the floor.

A soon-recovered Sarah opens up to Cain and Belle regarding her feelings over her donor.

Cain hands Sarah her donor information hoping he’s done the right thing.

5. Mandy Vs Nicola

Jimmy and Nicola are still lying to the kids, aware they need to tell them that they’ve split up.

Nicola suggests they wait till after Angel’s birthday.

Soon Angel’s birthday party is in full swing.

Nearby Mandy overhears Nicola badmouthing her and Vinny so whacks her with a huge inflatable.

The two women start brawling and birthday food is flying.

When the mayhem is over, Jimmy is blindsided when Juliette turns up.

She gives him some bad news.

6. Will Ryan lose more money?

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Ryan is skint having lost £250 playing poker with Mack.

Mack challenges him to a game to try and win his money back.

Has Ryan bitten off more than he can chew?

7. Meena hatches a plan to get Leyla out of her life

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Keen to shift Leyla from her life, Meena matchmakes again between Liam and Leyla.

Will it work?

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