Emmerdale Tracy worried, Dawn humiliated and Priya distraught

Emmerdale spoilers: Next week in all-new pics – Nov 29 – Dec 3

Can the Dingles reunite Nate and Tracy?

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Emmerdale spoilers for next week reveal the Dingles are determined to fix things between Nate and Tracy.

But when Belle’s plan doesn’t work, can Cain make it right?

Meanwhile, Priya faces her fears over her body, but will it make her problems worse?

And Dawn and Billy lay their feelings on the line.

All this and more in next week’s Emmerdale spoilers.

1. The Dingles scheme to reunite Nate and Tracy

Emmerdale Nov 30 Tracy looks upset as she struggles to forgive Nate

Belle wants to get Tracy and Nate back together and helps him plan a romantic surprise.

But it goes wrong when Tracy realises Belle has lied to her and she’s upset.

Nate begs Tracy for another chance, but will she give him one?

As they’re talking Frankie says her first word: ‘Dada’.

It throws Tracy whose doubts over her parenting come flooding back. As the mood shifts once again, is it all over for the couple?

The next day Nate tells Belle her plan didn’t work.

He’s deflated and seems to have given up.

But Cain has an idea to help. Can he reunite Nate and Tracy at last?

2. Dawn and Billy back together?

Billy comforts Dawn who says she’s a monster for killing Malone.

Billy’s response leads Dawn to kiss him. At first he kisses her back, but then he pulls away.

Dawn is mortified after Billy rejects her and ignores his calls, but he soon tracks her down.

He insists she hears him out.

Emmerdale Dec 1 Billy wants assurance from Dawn she won't break his heart

Billy tells Dawn wants to be with her, but needs assurances from her she feels the same.

Can Dawn give them to him? And how will Meena react to this couple getting back together?

3. Priya confronts her fears

Leyla turns up to Rishi’s pre-Christmas get together looking glam.

Priya, dressed in joggers, feels uncomfortable in her friend’s presence.

Priya asks for Leyla’s help, but she struggles as she goes through her wardrobe looking for something suitable to wear.

As Priya’s anxieties about her body threaten to overwhelm her, she confesses to Leyla she hasn’t looked at her scars yet.

Emmerdale Dec 2 Priya looks at her scars for the first time

Leyla encourages Priya to face her fears and look at her back.

Priya stares at her reflection in silence.

Priya manages to get dressed up and attend the party.

But when food is mentioned it’s clear she’s far from okay…

4. Lydia has a secret

Lydia is finding things hard as she struggles to keep a secret from her loved ones.

5. Kerry meddles again

Chloe is frustrated as Kerry tries to keep her away from Noah. Will Chloe give in?

6. Bear and Faith plot against Al

Al is raiding the fridge at the pub and Bear and Faith aren’t happy.

They come up with a plan to stop him, but will it work?

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