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Meena's trial is here

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Emmerdale spoilers for next week reveal Meena finally faces a jury for her crimes.

But as she puts on the performance of a lifetime and others falter, will she walk free?

Also, Rhona has a breakthrough with Marlon.

All this and more in next week’s Emmerdale spoilers.

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1. Meena’s trial begins

Meena enters the courtroom in Emmerdale thrilled to be in the spotlight

Meena enters the courtroom and is loving the spotlight.

The tension is clear as Meena prepares to put on a show.

2. Liam lashes out

Liam takes to the stand in Emmerdale

Liam takes to the stand, but is thrown off-guard by Meena’s fake meek act.

He fights back tears and the jury appear sympathetic.

Liam loses it on the stand in Emmerdale

However, Liam loses it when he’s accused of an affair with Meena.

Rage gets the better of him and he lashes out. Has he lost the jury’s support?

3. Manpreet gives evidence

Manpreet is torn apart by the defence in Emmerdale

Manpreet is resolute as she takes the stand and intends to destroy her sister in court.

She refuses to be thrown by Meena’s presence.

Manpreet is torn apart by the defence in Emmerdale

But as the defence delves into Manpreet’s past it’s tough going.

They portray her as an experienced liar and it looks like her story is falling apart.

Meena relishes her trial in Emmerdale

Meanwhile, Meena relishes watching her sister suffer in court.

4. Meena testifies

Meena awaits her verdict in Emmerdale

Meena is advised not to take the stand, but she rejects the advice and prepares to tell her story.

She rehearses her lines in her cell and is pleased her ego will get the chance to shine.

Meena delivers the performance of a lifetime in Emmerdale

The gathered audience are horrified as Meena begins to give evidence.

Meena delivers the performance of a lifetime in Emmerdale

She is completely convincing as she plays the part of the innocent victim.

But will it be enough to free her?

5. The verdict is in

Meena awaits her verdict in Emmerdale

The tension in the courtroom has never been so high.

Will Meena get away with murder as the jury delivers their verdict?

6. Rhona gets through to Marlon

Emmerdale Rhona begs Marlon to let April visit again

Rhona is touched when April organises a surprise party for her birthday.

But she soon rushes to see Marlon, however is forced to lie to April about why she can’t come.

Emmerdale Rhona begs Marlon to let April visit again

Rhona begs Marlon to change his mind about April visiting telling him how much she misses her dad.

Marlon eventually relents.

April finally visits Marlon in Emmerdale

The visit goes well as April’s humour soon relaxes Marlon.

The pair are reunited and it feels so sweet for them all.

Emmerdale Rhona is moved to tears by April's strength

Rhona is overcome with tears when she sees how maturely April handles her dad’s condition.

She is even more determined than ever to get Marlon home.

7. Rhona tries to stay strong

Emmerdale Rhona Exhausted Rhona tries to stay strong for her family in Emmerdale

Rhona is struggling to hold it together and Mary tells her she’s doing too much.

However, exhausted Rhona won’t stop until Marlon is home.

Paddy has a plan to raise Marlon's spirits in Emmerdale

Paddy tells her he has a plan to raise Marlon’s spirits and help her.

And back at the hospital, Marlon has uttered a complete sentence for the first time.

Are things looking up?

8. Wendy quizzes Leyla

Wendy quizzes Leyla over her whereabouts yesterday in Emmerdale

Wendy quizzes Leyla about her whereabouts yesterday.

Is Leyla hiding something?

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9. Belle and Al go into business

Belle and Al agree to a partnership when he apologises

As Belle begins her meditation teacher training, Al apologises to her and they agree to a partnership.

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