Emmerdale Meena plans to kill Manpreet in seven days

Emmerdale SPOILERS Monday, January 3: Countdown to Manpreet’s murder as Liam helps Meena

Seven days to die!

It’s the first Monday of the New Year and the soaps are back to normal – so here are your Emmerdale spoilers for tonight!

Manpreet on a countdown to death

For a moment on New Year’s Eve, it looked as though Manpreet might escape her mad sister’s clutches after breaking free from her shackles.

And then Meena came home early – and drugged her.

Manpreet comes round in tonight’s episode, now properly fearing for her life, and desperately tries to win round her psycho sibling.

But Meena just laughs in her face.

Meena manages to wrap Liam round her little finger in latest Emmerdale spoilers (Credit: ITV)

Liam rumbles Meena

Later, Liam catches Meena as she is forging a prescription for sleeping pills at the surgery.

But she manages to convince him she needs the medication to help her deal with the (entirely fictional) loss of her (entirely fictional…) baby.

And he willingly writes out a prescription for her – which she will use in her evil plot to end her sister.

As Meena administers the pills to Manpreet, she maniacally declares there are just seven days left for her to live – and marks the first one off on the calendar!

Emmerdale Cain is annoyed with Nate for cheating on Tracy
Nate is torn a new one by his dad for… well, basically doing what he has done many times himself (Credit: ITV)

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Cain in a rage

Cain Dingle entered the new year angry – and he’s hellbent on staying that way.

He turns his ire to son Nate after discovering that Tracy has kicked the young dad out for cheating on her. (Anyone spy a hypocrite?)

Cain’s blood looks set to boil over as he frets over seriously ill son Kyle and orders Marlon to kick Ellis – the cause of Kyle’s condition after abandoning him in the freezing woods – out of Tall Trees cottage.

The Dingles and Chapmans war is well and truly ON!

Nate on your nelly!

Distraught Nate is struggling with guilt over his one-night stand misdemeanour and is desperate to put things right with Tracy.

But when he goes to Tug Ghyll to visit their little girl, Rottweiler Vanessa turns him away with a flea in his ear.

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Emmerdale Mon 3 Jan Vanessa announces she's staying in the village for good, throwing Charity
Vanessa is sticking around in Emmerdale – how will Charity react? (Credit: ITV)

Back for good

Charity is in a tizz when Vanessa announces that she is staying in the village.

The world and his dog can sense Charity still loves her ex, but would/could the vet ever forgive her for cheating – when she had cancer?!

And where does all this leave sometime tough guy Mack, who’s turned into a lovesick puppy wrapped in a wet weekend where the Dingle temptress is concerned?

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