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Tuesday 14th July 2020

Emmerdale SPOILERS: Moira and Nate’s affair finally exposed

The truth is out...

The truth about Moira Dingle and Nate Robinson's affair is finally revealed in next week's Emmerdale when someone new catches them out. But how long until they tell Cain the truth?

Moira and Nate have been sneaking around behind everyone's backs for weeks, snatching moments alone wherever they can.

Moira is uneasy as Nate and Cain get on well (Credit: ITV)

But as their affair continues, Moira's husband Cain is still in the dark about what his other half has been up to with the farm hand... but that's all about to change.

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Next week's Emmerdale sees Moira alarmed when Cain and Nate seem to be getting on well.

While Nate is enjoying playing games with Cain, Moira is rattled and decides to give him some time off.

Cain has no idea that Nate is sleeping with Moira (Credit: ITV)

Hoping that a sudden day off will help get Nate off her mind, Moira's plan is thwarted when Cain cancels the annual leave because he wants to spend more time with his wife... if only he knew the truth.

After a near miss when Pete almost catches them in a compromising position, Nate tells Moira that he has booked them a night away where they can enjoy being together without the fear of being caught.

Moira is looking forward to a night of passion in a hotel, but first has to find a way to escape without making Cain suspicious.

Moira and Nate have been sneaking around for weeks (Credit: ITV)

In the end she lies about going to a cattle auction in Gloucestershire, leaving Cain none the wiser where she is really going, and Moira and Nate set off separately from the village so they don't raise suspicions.

But after they have left the village, Nate texts Moira about their impending night of passion... but what he doesn't realise is Moira has left her phone at home.

At the hotel Moira searches for her phone, but when she can't find it the pair eventually give in to temptation and soon the missing handset is the last thing on their minds.

Pete works out the truth about Moira and Nate next week (Credit: ITV)

But while the forbidden pair are getting down to business, little do they know Pete has found Moira's phone and sees the message from Nate.

Pete is baffled and goes to find Nate in his caravan to ask questions, but when he finds he's not there, Pete eventually puts two and two together and works out what has been going on.

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Soon Cain gets home and calls his wife, who he thinks is in the Gloucestershire countryside shopping for cows, but it is Pete who sees the call come up on the screen of Moira's phone and he quickly cancels it.

Nate is stunned when Pete calls to say he knows about the affair (Credit: ITV)

Back in the hotel Moira and Nate are blissfully unaware of the drama that is unfolding back in the village until Nate gets a call from Pete revealing he knows everything about the affair.

But how long will Pete hold on to the truth before telling Cain what has been going on behind his back?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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