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Emmerdale SPOILERS: Meena Jutla makes fatal mistake as she threatens Victoria Sugden

Victoria shouldn't get too comfortable

Emmerdale killer Meena Jutla isn’t done with Victoria Sugden yet.

Viewers watched this week as the evil nurse tried desperately to kill Victoria in a series of botched plans.

Victoria Sugden will be threatened by Meena next week (Credit: ITV)

At first she tried to stage an abseiling accident, then a simple strangling, and then finally an attempt to drown her.

She was thwarted at each attempt.

The nurse was desperate to stop her boyfriend David Metcalfe leaving her for Victoria.

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In the end Andrea Tate caught her trying to kill Victoria and paid the price herself.

Meena brutally beat her, leaving her to burn alive in the fire – unable to escape the fiery maze.

But next week when Meena discovers further proof that David will soon leave her for Victoria, she’s left furious.

Furious Meena Jutla threatens Victoria Sugden in Emmerdale

Finding a card David has written to Victoria, declaring his love, Meena rants to Manpreet about how she should have seen this coming.

In a fit of rage she leaves a threatening voicemail for Victoria.

But will it be the mistake that costs Meena her freedom and exposes her vile crimes?

However, Meena is ready to kill again (Credit: ITV)

Viewers watching last night saw how Meena’s crimes are surely about to be exposed after she was filmed attempting to murder Victoria.

In the episode Ben decided to go through the cameras used on the survival challenge to see if he could piece together everything that happened.

He found one camera and said it only appeared to be recording the water.

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However Billy came along and said the police were at the HOP.

Ben left the footage playing, however the camera ended up at the bottom of the waterfall and captured Meena trying to drown Victoria.

But will this footage be Meena’s downfall? Will anyone see it?

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