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11 Emmerdale spoilers including a court twist, a drugs arrest and a shock secret

Meena has one more card to play

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Emmerdale spoilers for next week reveal Meena is playing more games in court, causing Manpreet to flee.

Plus, Dawn is blackmailed back into the world of drugs, and Noah turns nasty.

Elsewhere, Mary and Rhona have a secret…

All this and more in next week’s Emmerdale spoilers.

Emmerdale Leyla and Liam in court for Meena's hearing
Leyla and Liam face Meena in court (Credit: ITV)

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1. The villagers prepare to face Meena

Meena is in court for her plea hearing and Manpreet and Charles, Leyla and Liam are all ready to face her.

But Manpreet knows Charles and Liam can’t discuss Meena’s confession on the stand and she’s worried.

Anticipation builds, but how will it play out?

Meena appears in court in Emmerdale and pleads guilty to one charge
What game is Meena playing? (Credit: ITV)

2.Meena pleads guilty

Meena arrives in court and is disappointed to see the poor turnout.

Not quite the audience she was expecting, she nonetheless makes sure she puts on a performance for them.

She surprises everyone by pleading guilty to the first charge against her.

But there are many more charges and it soon becomes clear she has more tricks up her sleeve.

What game is she playing? And where will it end?

Emmerdale Leyla and Liam in court for Meena's hearing
Manpreet can’t cope (Credit: ITV)

3. Manpreet runs away

Suffering a panic attack in court, Manpreet flees.

She’s totally distressed and gets in her car driving away.

When she abandons her phone and her car, disappearing into the night, concern grows.

Where has Manpreet gone? Is she okay?

Emmerdale Billy wants to adopt Lucas and Dawn is thrilled
Joy for Dawn before a fall (Credit: ITV)

4. Billy thrills Dawn with news

Dawn is elated when Billy asks if he can adopt Lucas.

She’s really pleased, but nervous what Lucas’s dad, Alex, will say.

He’s initially fuming at the idea, but then he starts to come round and accepts the proposal.

However, it’s clear that’s not the end of it…

Emmerdale Alex demands worried Dawn deal drugs for him
Dawn has a serious problem on her hands (Credit: ITV)

5. Alex blackmails Dawn

Dawn secretly meets Alex later that night and he demands she deal drugs for him to pay off his debts.

In return, he will consent to the adoption.

Backed into a corner, Dawn hides the blackmail from Billy. But will she give in to Alex’s demands?

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6. Dawn steals from Kim

Under pressure, Dawn tries to steal from Home Farm to pay off Alex’s debts.

But when Kim catches her red-handed, will she confess all?

Emmerdale Dawn is guided into the back of a police car
Dawn is put in cuffs, but is all as it seems? (Credit: ITV)

7. Dawn arrested?

Dawn makes one final call before accompanying Alex, but she soon realises her task is dangerous when she meets the dealer.

Just as the meeting ends, the police show up and Dawn is handcuffed and put into the back of a police car.

Is there more to this than meets the eye?

Emmerdale Amelia is heartbroken when the truth about Noah comes out
Emmerdale spoilers reveal nasty Noah strikes again (Credit: ITV)

8. Noah claims another victim

Realising he can use Amelia to make Chloe jealous, Noah flirts with her.

But Chloe just turns her attentions to Jacob instead.

Noah ups his game with Amelia and enlists Samson’s help to get Amelia alone at Cathy’s party.

However, when the truth comes out, Amelia is heartbroken by what Noah’s done.

Emmerdale Kerry embarrasses Amelia when she intervenes with Noah
Kerry can’t help herself (Credit: ITV)

9. Kerry interferes

Amelia admits to her family what happened with Noah and Kerry is fuming.

She intervenes on Amelia’s behalf leaving Amelia desperately embarrassed.

Emmerdale Rhona unwittingly invites her mum Mary to stay longer
What are they hiding? (Credit: ITV)

10. Rhona and Mary have a secret

Rhona accidentally invites her mum to stay longer.

They prepare a surprise party together for Marlon and experience a rare moment of tenderness as they bond over a shared secret.

What are they hiding?

Marcus and Ethan get to know each other more in Emmerdale
A new couple? (Credit: ITV)

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11. Sparks fly for Marcus and Ethan

Marcus and Ethan go for a drink to get to know each other better.

Will this progress to something more as it’s clear they enjoy each other’s company?

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