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Emmerdale spoilers: Mary comes out and reveals her secret lover

Kim encourages her to open up

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Emmerdale spoilers for next week see Rhona’s mum Mary reveal a big secret.

The upcoming episodes of the ITV soap will see Mary come out to new pal Kim as gay.

But when she then tells Rhona, how will her daughter react to the news?

Emmerdale worried Mary confides her secret in Kim
Mary makes a confession (Credit: ITV)

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Confide in Kim

Kim and Mary have recently struck up a friendship.

However, when Mary clams up as they chat, Kim realises she’s struck a nerve.

She encourages Mary to open up about a lost love.

Mary tells all to Kim – including the fact that this love was another woman.

Emmerdale Rhona is stunned by Mary's secret
Rhona isn’t prepared for what Rhona has to tell her (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale spoilers: Rhona rocked by Mary’s confession

Mary admits to Kim that she’s nervous at the thought of telling Rhona the truth about her sexuality.

Kim encourages her to be honest with her daughter.

Later, Mary tells Rhona, who is stunned – but not just by her mum’s sexuality.

Rhona is shocked to discover that Mary was in a relationship with her neighbour Louise, who recently passed away.

Emmerdale Mary reveals her secret to Rhona nervously
Mary worries about Rhona’s reaction (Credit: ITV)

Mary’s hurt

Mary coming out leaves Rhona questioning her whole family history.

With Rhona still reeling from the revelations, her reaction leaves Mary worried.

Mary’s hurt, thinking that Rhona disapproves of what she’s told her.

And when Rhona later announces to the whole room that Mary is gay, Mary feels embarrassed and confused by her daughter’s actions.

Can the pair make amends?

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Emmerdale Rhona talks to Marlon from the chair
Rhona makes a big decision (Credit: ITV)

Looking to the future

Later, Mary confides in her pal Bear as she tells him about her life and her sexuality.

Meanwhile, Rhona makes a big decision.

When Marlon wakes up to a surprise proposal from Rhona, how will he react?

Could Rhona’s plans and Mary’s honesty end up making their family stronger than ever?

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