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Emmerdale spoilers: Marlon Dingle in choking horror

It's a terrifying moment for April

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Emmerdale spoilers for next week reveal April Windsor is facing a tough week.

She’s eagerly awaiting Marlon‘s return from hospital and plans to surprise him with welcome home decorations as he comes back to the village.

And she’s keen to help her emotional dad adjust to his new normal.

Emmerdale April gives Marlon a drink of water
Emmerdale’s April is left shaken after the incident, spoilers have revealed (Credit: ITV)

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What do spoilers reveal about Marlon in Emmerdale?

More than anything, she’s just happy to spend time with her dad.

But the youngster – played by Amelia Flanagan – is left shaken when a good deed almost ends in disaster.

April tries to help Marlon have a drink of water, but she panics when he begins to choke.

Terrified he’s having another stroke, April desperately calls for Rhona (Zoe Henry).

The incident leaves both April and Marlon feeling distraught.

April also feels scared about being on her own with her dad again and makes plans to spend the following day at a friend’s.

Believing he’s causing distress to his daughter, a heartbroken Marlon (Mark Charnock) demands to be sent back to hospital.

Emmerdale Marlon and Rhona in living room,, Marlon in dressing gown, talking
Can the family adjust to their new normal? (Credit: ITV)

When April gets home, emotions run high as Rhona attempts to mediate between the two.

But a tearful April insists she talks to her dad alone.

The pair then have a very emotional conversation, but will April be able to convince her dad to stay at home?

Marlon, April, Rhona and Mary all begin to navigate the new future for the family but Marlon struggles again when he’s unable to communicate.

Could Bear hold the answers they need?

Emmerdale Marlon slumped on chair choking as April panics
April is scared when Marlon starts to choke.

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Marlon worries he is a burden on his family

On top of everything else, Marlon’s left worrying about money when Charity tells him he needs to go on statutory sick pay.

Rhona suggests she goes back to work part time to bring in some extra cash.

Earlier this week, Emmerdale fans saw Rhona reel in shock when mum, Mary, made a suggestion about her future.

With her daughter’s best interests at heart, Mary wondered if Rhona should leave Marlon.

But Rhona blew up at her mum, before admitting she was scared she couldn’t do it.

Will the family find a way to support Marlon as they move forward?

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