Emmerdale SPOILERS: Mandy finds out the truth about Paul’s gambling?

Paul has kept his gambling a secret from Mandy for months

Emmerdale spoilers reveal Paul promises Vinny he’ll tell Mandy about his gambling. But will he go through with it?

Over the last few months, Vinny has been keeping quiet about his dad’s gambling.

However Vinny struggled to keep the truth from his mum Mandy and made the decision to move out of the Dingle home.

Emmerdale: Mandy finds out about Paul’s gambling?

In next week’s scenes, Mandy prepares for a boozy New Year’s. Meanwhile Paul promises his son that he will tell Mandy about the gambling that night.

Mandy prepares for New Year (Credit: ITV)

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Will Paul tell Mandy about his gambling? Or will he back out and break his promise to Vinny?

Emmerdale spoilers: Liv receives a diagnosis

Over the last few weeks, Vinny has been staying with his girlfriend Liv and her brother Aaron.

Recently after Liv discovered Paul had been betting again, she had another seizure in front of Vinny’s dad.

Paul agreed not to tell anyone about her seizure if she kept quiet about his betting.

Liv has been having seizures (Credit: ITV)

In the week after New Year, Liv is diagnosed with epilepsy.

Whilst the news leaves Aaron beside himself, Liv is ready to own her condition. However she soon ends up having another seizure whilst Aaron and Ben are on a kayaking trip.

Vinny panics when Liv has another seizure (Credit: ITV)

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Vinny panics and calls his dad, and when Paul arrives he quickly calls an ambulance before trying to calm his son down.

When Aaron returns he discovers a stack of missed calls from Vinny. At the hospital, Vinny discourages Aaron from seeing Liv.

Furious, Aaron demands Vinny moves out of Mill Cottage. However Paul steps in to stand up for his son.

Will Aaron change his mind about Vinny living with them?

Emmerdale airs every night next week at 7pm on ITV. The episodes will be half an hour long. 

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