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Emmerdale SPOILERS: Mandy and Jimmy kiss

Will he tell Nicola?

Emmerdale spoilers for next week reveal Mandy and Jimmy share a kiss, but will he tell Nicola?

Earlier this year Jimmy crashed his truck into Mandy and Paul’s wedding barn. Paul ended up dying in hospital, but afterwards Mandy discovered Paul had been abusing their son Vinny.

Jimmy was charged with death by dangerous driving.

Over the last few weeks Mandy and Jimmy have grown closer as she tried to convince him to plead not guilty.

Jimmy was charged with death by dangerous driving (Credit: ITV)

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Jimmy ended up telling Nicola their marriage is over and confessing his feelings to Mandy.

Emmerdale spoilers: Jimmy and Mandy kiss

In next week’s scenes Nicola thinks Jimmy’s first day in court has gone well, whereas Jimmy’ is shaken by the experience.

With Jimmy still determined to prepare himself for the worst, Nicola worries that he’s given up.

The next day, Mandy reads Jimmy the speech she’s prepared for the judge. He’s overcome with grief and gratitude and soon leans in for a kiss.

Jimmy and Mandy kiss (Credit: ITV)

Mandy returns the kiss, but soon they end up springing apart. Will Jimmy tell Nicola about the kiss with Mandy?

Mortified, Jimmy is instantly apologetic. Later Nicola tries to make Jimmy see that his flustered testimony on the stand was that of an honest man, not a practised liar.

Guilty over his kiss with Mandy, Jimmy is in turmoil and rejects Nicola’s positivity and goes to pack for prison.

Nicola tries to make Jimmy feel better (Credit: ITV)

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Will Jimmy be found guilty? Will Jimmy tell Nicola about his kiss with Mandy?

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