Emmerdale Liv upset and Lydia distraught over her secret

Emmerdale spoilers: Lydia puts Liv in the frame for Ben’s murder?

As Aaron struggles with grief is Liv in trouble?

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As Aaron Dingle reels from the shock of Ben’s death in Emmerdale, Liv Flaherty finds herself in the spotlight.

With the guilt threatening to overwhelm her and the secrets of what happened that night ready to spill over: will Liv get the blame for Ben’s demise?

Lydia witnessed an outburst from Liv that could spell trouble (Credit: ITV)

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What happened to Ben in Emmerdale?

Ben was brutally murdered by Meena Jutla on Thursday night (November 25). He had discovered footage of her attempting to kill Victoria Sugden and although he couldn’t make out who it was, Meena knew she needed to act fast.

She confronted him at The Hop and when she made it clear she was a killer and she intended to off him too, Ben ran.

Meena gave chase, but slipped on some wine that Liv had spilled earlier.

But she later disappeared and then came for Ben with an oar. She whacked him over the head and then took great joy in watching him die.

Aaron couldn’t hold back the tears at losing yet another love (Credit: ITV)

How did Aaron find out Ben had died?

Dawn Taylor found Ben’s body and then Aaron was told the news by Amy Wyatt.

As he raced over to the Hop, not wanting to believe it was true, he was distraught as he saw his boyfriend’s lifeless body.

He could barely take it in as he discovered the police thought it was murder.

What happened between Liv and Ben in Emmerdale?

Liv and Ben have been rowing for weeks as she fell off the wagon over Ben’s plans to move with Cornwall with Aaron.

Devastated at the thought of her brother leaving her, Liv started drinking again and abused Ben.

She was stumbling all over the place and told him she hated him and he wouldn’t get rid of her without a fight. She fell and got a cut, and Ben filmed the whole confrontation as evidence he did nothing to hurt her.

However, could the video footage end up being used against her in more ways than she can imagine?

Will Lydia get Liv arrested? (Credit: ITV)

What does Lydia know?

Next week, Aaron pleads with the cops to tell him Ben’s death wasn’t murder. Desperate to believe it was an accident, he can’t get his head around who would want to hurt his man.

The police want a statement from Liv, and it leaves Lydia reeling as she saw drunk Liv the night of the killing.

Liv had badmouthed Ben and told Lydia how much she hated him. She admitted to having had an argument with Ben and called Lydia a “nosey bitch”.

As Lydia struggles with her secret, will she tell the police the truth or cover for Liv?

Meanwhile, Aaron knows exactly who killed Ben: his dad. Determined Ben’s alcoholic parent must pay, he informs the police, but Aaron is left disappointed to hear Warren has a solid alibi.

Can Liv live with the guilt? (Credit: ITV)

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Will Liv confess in Emmerdale?

Liv’s guilt is threatening to overwhelm her. Knowing how awful she was to Ben, Liv doesn’t know how to comfort her brother.

As she struggles with trying to be there for Aaron and her alcohol addiction, is it all too much for her?

Will Liv confess what really happened between her and Ben? And is she likely to get the blame for his death if Lydia spills her secret?

Is this the end for Liv and Aaron and their relationship? Can they come back from all the heartbreak?

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