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Thursday 16th July 2020

Emmerdale SPOILERS: Lockdown pushes Sam and Lydia to the brink of divorce?

In tonight's Emmerdale lockdown episode (Monday, June 8), Sam and Lydia clash. Could it be the end of their marriage?

Sam and Lydia got married earlier this year. While they have had a happy marriage so far, it looks like things could change when the pair are thrown together during the coronavirus lockdown.

In a preview clip for the episode, Sam receives a call from his nephew Nate offering them food.

While Sam declines the offer, Lydia questions what the phone call was about.

Sam and Lydia married earlier this year (Credit: ITV)

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Sam tells his wife that Nate has some food that he needs to get rid of, but seems irritated by the offer saying: "What are we? His dustbin?"

When Sam reveals it was just eggs, flour and veg that Nate needed to shift, Lydia is annoyed as it was food that they needed and she was growing tired of having bangers and mash.

The gamekeeper argued he liked the meals he had been having. Meanwhile Lydia was left wondering why her husband won't accept the help.

Arguments start between Sam and Lydia (Credit: ITV Previews)

Growing frustrated, Sam told Lydia they were fine as they were but Lydia responded saying: "Are we? 'Cause from what I'm seeing, we're only just married, we're alone together for the first time ever and just two weeks in, it's already starting to feel like a chore."

Upset by her words, Sam replied saying: "Oh, well I'm sorry you feel that way!"

Could the newlyweds already be heading for a divorce?

What will happen in the episode?

In the episode, viewers will get to see an insight into Sam and Lydia's life in lockdown.

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With Samson stuck on his school trip and Mandy and Vinny being turfed out, the couple find themselves on their own.

However, it seems Sam won't let Lydia out of the house and it's clear something is playing on his mind.

Could the couple be heading for divorce? (Credit: ITV)

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As Lydia becomes sick of bangers and mash, she orders a click and collect. But when Sam finds out, he is furious.

Out of character for Sam, he snaps at Lydia and they go to bed on bad terms.

However, the real truth for Sam's overprotective behaviour soon comes to light. But can he make Lydia see his way of thinking?

Emmerdale airs Sam and Lydia's episode tonight (Monday, June 8) at 7pm.

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