Emmerdale SPOILERS: Liv turns to drink as she struggles to deal with Paul’s death?

Liv's alcohol addiction began in 2018

Emmerdale spoilers reveal Liv is tempted to have a drink. But will she reach out for help?

Last month, Liv confronted Paul in the wedding barn about him abusing Vinny. However Jimmy ended up crashing the truck into the barn after coming off the road.

Paul became trapped and whilst Liv tried to free him, she was unable to get him out.

Paul died in the barn explosion (Credit: ITV)

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When she realised the barn was going to explode she left the barn to try and save herself. The barn ended up exploding and Paul later died in hospital from his injuries.

However the truth about him abusing Vinny came out and Mandy was disgusted with what her fiancé had done.

Emmerdale spoilers: Liv turns to drink after Paul’s death?

Eventually Liv and Vinny got back together and he recently moved back into Mill Cottage with her. But she has been struggling with what happened to Paul.

Will Liv drink? (Credit: ITV)

In next week’s scenes Liv’s guilt intensifies over Paul’s death. She almost gives into the temptation of having a drink.

But will she open up to Aaron about how she’s feeling?

Liv’s alcohol addiction

In 2018, Liv and Gabby Thomas stole a vial of ketamine from Vanessa Woodfield.

Liv spiked Daz Spencer’s drink after hearing him belittle her.. However Lisa Dingle ended up drinking it.

Gabby was sentenced to community service meanwhile Liv was sentenced to four months in a youth detention centre.

Emmerdale spoilers Monday 17 May
Aaron was shocked when he discovered Liv had a drinking problem (Credit: ITV)

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Whilst in the youth detention centre Liv admitted to her brother Aaron that she had a drinking problem after Aaron discovered her water bottle was filled with vodka.

Later Liv admitted that her drinking was becoming a problem.

But will she turn to drink as she struggles to deal with the guilt?

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