Emmerdale SPOILERS: Liam threatens Gabby

Gabby tried to split up Liam and Leyla

Emmerdale spoilers reveal Liam threatens Gabby. Is she in trouble?

Recently Meena received flowers that were signed from her colleague Liam. Meena confronted Liam in front of his girlfriend Leyla over the bouquet. But he denied they were from him.

After Meena told Liam that it was Gabby who told her how much he liked her, Liam started to suspect Gabby was the one who sent the flowers.

Liam threatens Gabby (Credit: ITV)

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This week, Gabby makes an admission to Liam. But spoilers reveal next week reveal Liam threatens the teenager over her admission.

Has she messed with the wrong person?

Emmerdale: Gabby, Liam and Leyla

Emmerdale viewers know that it is Gabby who sent the flowers to Leyla.

Gabby, Liam and Leyla have a bit of a complicated history.

Liam was engaged to Gabby’s mum Bernice. However not long after Bernice went to Australia to look after her sick ex-husband and daughter, Dee Dee, Liam kissed Leyla.

Emmerdale Samantha Giles Bernice
Liam was engaged to Gabby’s mum Bernice but they broke up (Credit: ITV)

After finding out about the kiss, Bernice ended their relationship. Gabby soon began terrorising Leyla, but when Leyla found out Gabby was the one who had been stalking her, she realised she was lonely and needed someone.

Over the last few months, Gabby and Leyla have grown closer. But Gabby doesn’t seem to like Leyla and Liam being together.

Emmerdale: Gabby’s focus on Leyla

Recently Gabby actress Rosie Bentham explained why her character has become so focused on Leyla.

Gabby was the one who sent flowers to Meena but signed them from Liam (Credit: ITV)

Speaking at a press event, she said: “As an 18-year-old, you really need a mother figure. She’s been completely neglected and Leyla just steps in, takes her under her wing, they’ve got really close and Gabby loves it.

“It’s a Single White Female thing, she’s jealous of Leyla and gets a bit clingy. Gabby is also copying Leyla’s style – the way she dresses and speaks. She completely looks up to her as an idol.

Leyla and Gabby have grown closer. But Leyla doesn’t realise she’s been causing trouble between her and Liam (Credit: ITV)

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“I don’t think she’s had someone like that before. I don’t think her mum would have been a good idol, if she went to her for things like that.

She added: “I do think it’s a mother/sister relationship rather than a crush.”

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