Emmerdale Kim looks suspicious as Bernice looks worried

Emmerdale SPOILERS: Kim plots to murder Bernice?

Does she make Will's choice for him?

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Emmerdale Christmas spoilers have suggested Kim Tate plots to murder love rival Bernice Blackstock.

After Kim departed with no word on when she’d be back, she left lover Will Taylor pretty much high and dry.

Asserting she was leaving so she didn’t ruin things with him, it seems she’s decided she does want to be with Will after all and waltzed back into Home Farm expecting to pick up where they left off.

Unfortunately, Will has been having flirtations with Bernice.

Despite initially rebuffing her very obvious advances, Will has grown increasingly close to Bernie and now he faces a choice.

Will faces a choice between Kim and Bernice (Credit: ITV)

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What happens between Will and Bernice this Christmas?

Wanting to make Will jealous, Bernice lets him believe she’s going on a date with Dan.

It’s clear her plan has worked and Bernice and Will have an honest discussion about how they feel.

However, Bernice has been here many, many times before and won’t stand for being the other woman. She gives Will an ultimatum: he must choose between her and Kim.

Bernice is the other woman again (Credit: ITV)

Does Kim know about Will and Bernice in Emmerdale?

Neither Will nor Bernice are aware that Kim has been listening outside and has heard every word they’ve said.

It’s not long before Kim is making a phone call…

She darkly tells the recipient of her call that she needs a ‘disposal’ sorting out. Is Kim plotting to have Bernice murdered? Or will she do away with Will instead?

Emmerdale Dec 25 Kim has moved Malone's body and touched Will proposes
Will is shocked by the sight of Malone’s grave dug up (Credit: ITV)

Is Kim planning to kill Bernice?

It’s Christmas Day soon enough and Bernice is really hopeful her Christmas wishes will come true and Will will choose her.

But he’s feeling the pressure and when he and Kim go for a walk to Malone’s grave, he’s horrified to find it freshly dug up.

He’s terrified that Kim heard him and Bernice, and this is her plot for revenge.

Is Kim planning to put her new victim in the freshly dug grave instead?

Or is something else going on entirely? Has Kim actually given up her bad side in the name of love?

It’s not long before Will has made his choice between the two woman, but who is the lucky lady he’s about to propose to?

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