Emmerdale SPOILERS: Kerry Wyatt ‘dies’ following head injury

Can the crash team revive her?

It’s a waiting game for villagers as Kerry’s life hangs in the balance, in net week’s Emmerdale.

After Kerry hit her head, Amy is worried that the police will find out the real reason that her mum got hurt.

Kerry hit her head running after Tracy (Credit: ITV)

As Amy, Dan and Amelia wait anxiously for news on her condition at the hospital, Tracy is worried about the part she played in Kerry’s injuries despite Charity and Vanessa trying to put her mind at ease.

Charity and Vanessa try to ease Tracy’s mind (Credit: ITV)

When Amy comes to pick Kerry’s stuff up and reveals she’ll tell the police that Tracy is responsible for Kerry’s injuries, Vanessa and Charity tell her that Amy is just trying to scare her.

In hospital, it’s not looking good as Kerry takes a turn for the worst and a crash team come racing through in an attempt to revive her.

Kerry takes a turn for the worse (Credit: ITV)

When she doesn’t respond to doctors’ first efforts, Amy is devastated.

Will Kerry pull through? Or is another villager lost?

Amy confronts Tracy and tells her she’ll make sure the police know it’s her fault that Kerry is in such a bad way.

Vanessa is furious with Amy and goes to the hospital to confront her but ends up making things worse.

After accidentally hitting a nurse, she gets arrested and is questioned by the police.

Vanessa is arrested after she accidentally hits a nurse (Credit: ITV)

Knowing Vanessa is at the station, there is concern she’ll tell the police that Kerry and Amy were behind the factory fire.

But will Vanessa do it knowing it could implicate Tracy in being responsible for Kerry’s condition?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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