Emmerdale spoilers Marlon Jordan and Kim

16 Emmerdale spoilers including violent attack, revenge plot and another ordeal for Marlon

Marlon's homecoming doesn't go as well as hoped

Emmerdale spoilers for next week reveal Marlon‘s homecoming is fraught with challenges and a moment of pure terror for young April.

Meanwhile, Kim sets out to destroy Jai – but is there more to it?

Elsewhere in the Dales Billy is attacked.

All this and more in next week’s huge Emmerdale spoilers.

Marlon’s return is bittersweet (Credit: ITV)

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1. Marlon comes home

Marlon is due to return home and April is excited.

She prepares decorations to make him feel welcome. Meanwhile, Mary reassures Rhona she’ll be with her every step of the way.

At the hospital, Marlon says goodbye to Gail and gets ready to leave.

Soon, Marlon arrives back in the village. Cain and Chas wave from the pub as they watch him return.

Marlon is emotional, but happy to be home.

Emmerdale April gives Marlon a drink of water
The choking incident leaves April shaken (Credit: ITV)

2. April’s terror as Marlon returns

The family have to work to find a new way of living now Marlon is back and there are definitely challenges for them all.

Spending time with her dad thrills April, but disaster soon strikes when she tries to help him.

Giving Marlon a drink of water, April is left terrified when he starts to choke. She thinks he’s having another stroke and desperately calls out for Rhona.

Despite Rhona’s best attempts to calm her down, April decides to stay away from the house. She arranges to go to a friend’s rather than be at home and it leaves Marlon feeling awful.

3. Marlon makes a big decision about his future

With April feeling uneasy, Marlon is upset at the stress his family is under due to him.

Rhona tries to reassure him, but he can’t bear seeing the strain on those around him and insists he’s going to return to hospital.

Determined that won’t happen, Rhona plays mediator between Marlon and April, but will they reach an understanding?

Emmerdale Marlon and Rhona in living room,, Marlon in dressing gown, talking
Can the family adjust to their new normal? (Credit: ITV)

4. Charity deals Marlon another blow

As the family start to find a new rhythm, Marlon is given bad news by Charity.

She tells him he’ll have to go on statutory sick pay.

He is worried about the family finances, but who can help?

5. Rhona goes back to work

Rhona decides to return to work part time to help with the financial pressure by bringing some money in.

She jumps straight into helping an injured dog, but is it too much too soon?

Emmerdale KIm and Jai in front of picket line. Kim angry.
Kim and Jai have different views on the staffing crisis (Credit: ITV)

6. Kim demotes Jai

Kim sees her staff on the picket line and is fuming with Jai.

She demotes him until he finds a solution, but as the strike is keeping away customers, she wants that sooner rather than later.

Kim demands Jai get the staff inside, but she is stunned by his reaction.

Kim is fuming (Credit: ITV)

7. Kim lowers herself in Emmerdale spoilers

Furious Kim is soon forced to turn waitress when a wealthy friend arrives for coffee.

She is not happy at all, but who will bear the brunt of her wrath?

8. Jai presents his case

Jai and Laurel present Kim with the facts and figures on the zero-hour contract proposal.

They stress it’s not a good idea and are hopeful they’ve made a difference.

But will Kim really budge on this one?

Will Jai and Laurel make it work this time? (Credit: ITV)

9. Laurel and Jai reunite

Impressed by how Jai handled the strike situation, Laurel tells him they should get back together properly.

Jai is thrilled and the reunited pair enjoy their love.

But Kim is still bitter, and we all know a bitter Kim isn’t someone you want as your enemy…

Jai begs Priya and Laurel to believe the drugs aren't his
Will Jai lose it all? (Credit: ITV)

10. Jai back on drugs?

When Jai realises his wallet is missing, he realises it must be at Take A Vow.

He and Laurel find it down the back of a chair – where they also find a bag of cocaine.

Priya and Laurel immediately accuse Jai of being back on drugs. He furiously denies it and begs them to believe him.

But with no alternative explanation, Laurel thinks he’s guilty and explodes at him.

Jai is convinced Kim planted them, but what’s really going on?

Meanwhile, just as Laurel starts to come round, Rishi reveals Jai almost relapsed a few weeks ago and the kids nearly caught him. Laurel is furious and Jai loses everything.

More Emmerdale spoilers

Will Ethan really take the case? (Credit: ITV)

11. Ethan gets a career-making case

Ethan is called to the police station where he’s asked to represent Jordan, who has been arrested on suspicion of assault.

The lawyer takes the case, knowing this could be a huge boost to his career.

But after interviewing Jordan and and watching the CCTV footage, Ethan is stunned to see who the victim is…

Emmerdale spoilers: Billy is shaken after a racist attack
Will Billy see justice done? He’s not so sure (Credit: ITV)

12. Billy is attacked

Billy has been beaten up and is in hospital having sustained serious injuries.

He is Jordan’s victim.

Billy says the attack was racially aggravated.

As Dawn and Will hope justice will win and Jordan will be sent down, Billy isn’t so sure.

13. Will Ethan betray his friends?

Ethan suggests to Jordan he’s best off finding another solicitor, but Jordan insists he wants Ethan to represent him.

Ethan feels awkward.

Harriet suggests Ethan should withdraw from the case as this will make village life very difficult.

But will Ethan follow his loyalties or sacrifice his friendships to further his career?

Noah with Chloe's phone
What’s Noah up to with Chloe’s phone? (Credit: ITV)

14. Noah steals Chloe’s phone

Noah continues his pursuit of Chloe.

He watches her closely in the pub and when she’s distracted, takes the opportunity to steal her phone.

Just what has Noah got planned now?

Will Amelia open up about her struggles? (Credit: ITV)

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15. Kerry confronts Amelia

Kerry is concerned about the amount of filters Amelia is using on her pictures and makes a joke about it.

Her comments annoy Amelia.

Is something deeper going on here?

16. Happy birthday Moira!

Moira is celebrating her birthday.

It’s a rare moment for Cain and Faith as they have fun together.

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