Eastenders Graham Foster killed revealed

Emmerdale SPOILERS: Graham Foster’s killer revealed in special episode

Viewers will finally have their 'whodunnit?' questions answered

Viewers of Emmerdale can finally have their ‘whodunnit?’ questions answered as the killer behind Graham Foster’s murder is finally revealed in a special episode at the end of the week.

Rather than keep viewers guessing for weeks on end, producers of the TV soap have been kind to soap fans and the answer to who killed Graham (played by Andrew Scarborough) will be revealed by Friday January 24.

Viewers this week can expect to feel Groundhog Day vibes as the same storyline is replayed from different character’s points of view, with the murderer behind Graham’s grisly end finally being revealed in the final episode of the week.

With eight possible killers of Graham Foster, could his argument with Charity Dingle be a sign of who the murderer is? (Credit: ITV)

The storyline shows Graham busily preparing for his move to France with Rhona Goskirk (played by Zoe Henry) and Leo. Before he can start his new life though, he has some final showdowns to handle – one of which will end his life.

Graham isn’t short of a few enemies and viewers can expect to see him come up against a few tricky characters, including Kim Tate (played by Claire King), Jai Sharma (played by Chris Bisson), Charity Dingle (played by Emma Atkins) and Marlon Dingle (played by Mark Charnock).

In fact there’s eight possible killers, with viewers still speculating over who could be the real murderer.

Graham Foster isn’t short of enemies in Emmerdale, but could Jai Sharma be the killer? (Credit: ITV).

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Monday sees Graham’s ongoing feud with Kim Tate and Al (played by Michael Wildman), yet with Kim showing a rare glimpse of her vulnerable side to Graham before she realises he’s been mocking her whilst stealing funds from her accounts she orders Al to kill him off.

With a clear motive, Kim is definitely a suspect but could it be too obvious for viewers of the show?

Tuesday’s episode will see Jai Sharma’s battle with cocaine reach a head, and with Graham leaking the truth of Jai’s addiction to his partner and family he holds Graham to blame for losing everything.

They come to blows, but could Jai come back for another go?

When Graham Foster humiliates Charity’s son and mocks her parenting skills, will she take the ultimate revenge? (Credit: ITV)

Graham’s battle with hardwork Charity Dingle is no secret, yet when he mocks her parenting skills and humiliates her son Ryan Stocks (played by James Moore) she won’t take this lying down.

Charity might be planning a surprise wedding for girlfriend Vanessa Woodfield, but she might also be planning the perfect crime under everyone’s nose.

Thursday delivers two dramatic episodes, with the first showing Graham in a battle with Andrea and Jamie Tate and the second showing Marlon Dingle’s anger as he realises Rhona plans to take son Leo away with her and Graham to France.

Marlon Dingle isn’t about to let Graham and Rhona leave for France with Leo, and he makes sure Graham knows it (Credit: ITV)

Fans of the show have already been speculating that Jamie is the killer, yet many also suspect Pierce Harris. 

Graham’s grisly end might be one that keeps viewers guessing right up until the end of Friday’s dramatic episode, in a similar way to keeping Lucy Beale’s killer a complete mystery until the final moments in EastEnders.

The final episode on Friday will see Graham’s last moments and his interactions played out, with the killer being revealed to viewers – but not to the rest of the Emmerdale village.

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