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Al does the dirty - again

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Emmerdale spoilers for next week reveal Al cheats on Kerry – but not with who she thinks.

Meanwhile, Leyla is definitely hiding something, and Chloe sets her sights on the man she wants.

All this and more in next week’s Emmerdale spoilers.

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1. Kerry suspicious of Al and Belle

Kerry is cross in Emmerdale when she sees Al and Belle talking on the sofa

Al and Belle make big business plans, but Chas warns Belle against getting into bed with Al.

Chas then airs her concerns about the pair to Kerry.

Kerry is cross in Emmerdale when she sees Al and Belle talking on the sofa

Kerry becomes convinced something is going on between them.

But what will Al tell her?

2. Priya and Al kiss

Priya and Al talk at the cricket pavillion and she smiles in Emmerdale

Al and Belle are enthusiastically talking about their business plans when Al notices Priya is upset.

He tries to talk to her at the cricket pavillion.

Priya and Al kiss in Emmerdale

As he questions her, she opens up about her body confidence issues.

The moment is charged with sexual tension…

Priya and Al kiss in Emmerdale

They lean in for a kiss and end up locking lips.

But will Kerry find out?

3. Kerry confronts Al

Emmerdale Kerry watches Al suspiciously

Kerry notices Al constantly checking his phone and is suspicious.

However, Al and Priya agree their kiss shouldn’t have happened and decide to keep quiet.

Kerry is cross at Al in Emmerdale

But Kerry is convinced it’s Belle Al is cheating with and confronts them during an important business meeting.

Meanwhile, Cain has found out the truth and he cunningly lets slip to Kerry, who throws a pint over Al.

Al looks stunned as Kerry throws him out in Emmerdale

She later demands he pack his things and move out immediately.

But what revenge will Al take on Cain this time?

4. What is Leyla hiding?

Vanessa Woodfield wants to know how Suzy knows Leyla

Vanessa accepts a dinner invitation from Suzy, but then breaks her phone and can’t cancel when Johnny falls sick.

Vanessa makes it up to Suzy and they enjoy another date the next day.

Leyla recognises Suzy who is on a date with Vanessa

Leyla sees them together and is rattled.

A curious Vanessa quizzes Leyla how she knows Suzy, but Suzy covers it’s through work.

Leyla recognises Suzy who is on a date with Vanessa

However, it’s clear there’s more to it and Leyla is shaken.

Suzy promises to keep Leyla’s secrets…

5. Chloe chooses her man

Emmerdale Chloe looks pleased as she and Noah talk in David's

Chloe is pleased when Noah buys her gig tickets.

However, she soon turns her attentions back to Nate.

Chloe is pleased to chat to Nate in the village

Nate is upset after finding out Tracy is dating someone new, so Chloe offers to cheer him up.

But Noah spots them and has revenge in mind…

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6. Mary and Rhona clash

April walks off with an Easter basket and the iPad as Paddy and Rhona talk

Paddy sets up an Easter egg hunt and Marlon watches via video link.

As April takes her dad with her round the village, Rhona is grateful to Paddy.

Emmerdale Rhona is angry to see Mary in the pub

Rhona is later cross to see Mary in the pub.

She lashes out, but Mary is worried Rhona is taking on too much and suggests she and Marlon should separate.

7. Dan tries to help Amelia

Emmerdale: Amelia folds her arms crossly at Dan

Dan is worried about Amelia’s interest in influencers so comes up with a plan to help.

But Amelia is left totally unimpressed by his attempts, so can Dan find another way to help?

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8. Jai left shocked by Kim’s ultimatum

Emmerdale Jai looks troubled as smug Kim gives him an ultimatum

Jai is stunned when Kim tells him he must fire his part-time colleagues and rehire them on zero-hour contracts.

Laurel insists he must fight for his friend’s rights, but when Kim threatens to fire him, what will he do?

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