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Emmerdale spoilers: First look at all-new pics for May 30-June 3

Faith struggles with her secret, and Leyla stoops really low

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Emmerdale spoilers for next week reveal Faith is finding it harder to keep her secret. But will Chas find out?

Meanwhile on the ITV soap, Leyla stoops to a new low to score a fix and leaves Priya distraught.

All this and more in next week’s Emmerdale spoilers.

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1. Faith caught out

Wendy and Faith in hospital in Emmerdale

Faith has chemo and lies to another patient over her children’s whereabouts.

Wendy is outside and has heard everything, though.

Wendy and Faith in hospital in Emmerdale

Wendy reassures Faith it’s okay to stretch the truth.

She confides that she also lies about Lee.

2. Chas suspicious of Moria

Nate shirtless in the kitchen with a worried looking Chas and Moira in Emmerdale

Chas is suspicious when she finds half-naked Nate talking to Moira.

Moira’s explanation doesn’t convince Chas, who thinks she and Nate have resumed their affair.

Nate shirtless in the kitchen with a worried looking Chas and Moira in Emmerdale

Chas later believes Faith is helping Moira cover up her affair and resolves to catch them out.

But what will she find?

3. Chas busts Moira

Moira and Chas look shocked in Emmerdale

Chas catches Moira in a state of undress and is convinced she’s hiding Nate in the bedroom.

She pushes past her and barges in…

Faith looking shocked in Emmerdale

But it’s Faith Moira is hiding.

Will Faith finally come clean?

4. Leyla desperate for a fix

Emmerdale Leyla rooting through a bag looking suspicious

Leyla is struggling without cocaine and snaps at Priya.

In a moment of desperation Leyla searches Suzy’s handbag for drugs.

Emmerdale Leyla looking suspicioous and Suzy looking annoyed

Suzy catches her red-handed.

She makes it very clear Leyla is out of order and needs to give up the drugs.

5. Leyla lashes out

Priya crying in Emmerdale

Priya is thrown when a journalist interviews her for a bridal magazine wants pictures.

Conscious of her scars, Priya panics and the journalist leaves.

Emmerdale Leyla looking annoyed

Leyla is fuming when she finds out what happened and lashes out at embarrassed Priya.

Priya is left devastated by her friend’s cold reaction.

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6. Jai hooks Leyla up?

Emmerdale Leyla looking annoyed with her arms folded

Jai is fuming with the way Leyla treated Priya, but is sympathetic when Leyla apologises.

He opens up to Leyla about his cocaine addiction.

Jai looking worried in Take A Vow in Emmerdale

His words resonate with her, but she’s intrigued when he says he still has his old dealer’s number on a piece of paper.

Leyla demands he burns the number, but does she have an ulterior motive?

7. Noah outcast

Noah Mack and Pollard talk in the village Emmerdale

Pollard refuses to give Noah any shifts at the B&B, leaving Noah fuming.

Mack steps in to defend him.

Charity looking worried in Emmerdale

Charity overhears and is grateful to Mack for defending her son.

But when Noah gets a court date things turn sour again.

Noah looking upset in Emmerdale

Charity tries to reassure Noah she is always there for him.

However, she’s hurt when Noah rejects her and goes off alone.

8. David in trouble

Emmerdale David looking serious

David is having money troubles, but can’t bring himself to be honest with Victoria.

He comes clean to Pollard, but will Eric help his son?

9. Nicola plots in Emmerdale spoilers

Nicola looks upset in The Hide in Emmerdale

When Bernice expresses an interest in council work, Nicola hatches a plan to enable her to spend more time with Jimmy…

10. Suzy’s guilt rises

Suzy and Moira sat in The Hide together in Emmerdale

Suzy struggles to hide her guilt when Moira opens up over Holly.

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11. Sam and Lydia at odds

Lydia looking upset in Emmerdale

Oblivious Lydia slates the caravan Sam has secretly been working on for her.

Sam is gutted and quickly covers the fact he has bought it.

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