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Emmerdale spoilers: First look at all-new pics for June 6-10

Leyla's addiction is exposed?

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Emmerdale spoilers for next week reveal Leyla comes close to being exposed when Liam finally realises something is wrong.

But will he work out what’s actually going on before it’s too late?

Meanwhile in the ITV soap, Noah learns his fate in court.

All this and more in next week’s Emmerdale spoilers.

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1. Leyla caught out?

Emmerdale Leyla is a mess

Leyla’s jittery behaviour is causing concern at home after she takes a line before breakfast.

Then she feels unwell during an interview with a journalist at work.

Emmerdale Leyla drinks some water as Suzy tells her off

Suzy finds coke in Leyla’s bag and has a go at her for buying drugs from an unknown dealer.

She delivers some home truths to Leyla and storms out.

Jacob Gallagher and Liam Cavanagh watch Leyla worriedly

Leyla wants to change and washes her cocaine down the sink.

Jacob and Liam arrive home minutes later.

Emmerdale Leyla paints on a smile

Leyla tries to act normal, but Liam is suspicious.

He’s convinced she has PTSD, but will he realise what’s really going on?

2. Noah in court

Emmerdale Noah looks nervous as he awaits his verdict in court

Noah stands in the dock in court and listens as the judge delivers his fate…

Mack and Charity arrive to hear Noah’s sentencing, but will she regret turning up?

3. Sarah leaves?

Emmerdale Sarah is upset as annoyed Charity talks to her

Charity is trying to put on a brave face.

However, Sarah is fed up that it’s always about Noah.

Emmerdale Sarah is completely fed up

Sarah realises they’ve forgotten her birthday.

It’s not long before she makes a big decision.

Emmerdale Sarah has her bag packed and desperate Charity and Faith beg her to stay

Sarah packs her bags and resolves to leave the village.

Can broken Charity convince her to stay or will she be forced to lose another child?

4. Amelia collapses

Amelia Spencer feels faint as Samson watches her clutch her head

Amelia tries to convince Cathy to have another go with Samson.

But soon Amelia feels unwell…

Emmerdale Amelia passes out

Amelia collapses and the friends gather round her, worried.

She wakes up and assures them she just skipped lunch – but is that all it is?

5. Kim catches Will out?

Kim Tate confronts Will Taylor

Kim is worried Will is hiding something, but he tries to put her off the scent.

They arrange to go for dinner later.

Will Taylor is annoyed Mike wants money

Will’s contact Mike soon shows up with news Jamie may have been spotted.

He wants money for a DNA test.

Kim Tate is suspicious when she sees the laptop open

Kim later discovers £3k in Will’s bag and the haulage accounts on his laptop.

Has she caught him out?

6. David fires Kerry

David looks uncomfortable as he's forced to fire Kerry

David feels awful, but he has to sack Kerry to save money.

She is fuming at the clumsy way he’s gone about it.

7. Kerry squares up to Charity

Emmerdale Kerry rages at Mack about Noah

Mack asks Ethan about Noah’s chances in court.

Kerry overhears their conversation and sticks her nose in.

Emmerdale angry Charity throws raging Kerry out

Charity and Kerry argue about Noah and Charity kicks Kerry out of the pub.

8. Nicola and Bernice at war

Emmerdale Nicola and Bernice are at war over council ideas

Nicola and Bernice compete over council business.

It’s not long before Nicola fights dirty.

9. Marlon struggles

Marlon Dingle is nervous ahead of his physio session with Kit

Marlon is daunted by the prospect of physio with energetic Kit.

Can he make it work?

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