Emmerdale first look week 24

Emmerdale spoilers: First look at all-new pics for June 13-17

Faith and Mary have their secrets exposed

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Emmerdale spoilers for next week reveal Faith tells her family the truth about her cancer.

Mary is also hiding a secret in the ITV soap that comes out and Nicola is attacked.

All this and more in next week’s Emmerdale spoilers.

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1. Faith’s secret revealed

Pale Faith worries about her secret in Emmerdale

Faith is struggling with the chemotherapy side effects, but goes along with it when Cain assumes she’s hungover.

However, Faith knows she can’t hide her condition much longer.

Kind Wendy offer Faith support in Emmerdale

Wendy offers her support and Faith gratefully accepts.

Faith then asks Chas to plan a celebration for her birthday.

Emmerdale fuming Cain can't control his anger at his mum

Moira tricks Cain into attending.

However, he is annoyed he’s been forced to be there.

Emmerdale fuming Cain can't control his anger at his mum

Cain’s wish for Faith’s birthday is that she’ll drop dead.

She then reveals her cancer is back and can’t be cured.

2. Nicola attacked

Emmerdale scared Nicola is attacked by a group of teenage girls in a car park in Emmerdale

Nicola leaves a night out with Bernice and Laurel early.

But she is accosted by a group of teenage girls on the way to her car.

Emmerdale scared Nicola is attacked by a group of teenage girls in a car park in Emmerdale

She is mugged, beaten and left unconscious on the floor.

Nicola is found and rushed to hospital.

Jimmy King is worried about his wife Nicola King after she's attacked and lies in a hospital bed

Nicola wakes up in hospital and claims she can’t remember anything.

However, video footage reveals her attackers and Jimmy is devastated for his wife.

Terrified Nicola lies beaten and bruised in a hospital bed in Emmerdale

Nicola says she thought she was going to die.

She is left terrified the girls will come for her again and hurt her children.

3. Mary reveals her big secret

Emmerdale Mary looks upset as Kim talks to her

Kim asks Mary a question which brings up some painful memories.

Mary acts evasive at first, but then reveals her secret.

Emmerdale worried Mary confides her secret in Kim

Mary comes out to Kim.

Kim is supportive and encourages her to be honest with Rhona.

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4. Mary comes out

Emmerdale Mary reveals her secret to Rhona nervously

Mary is nervous about telling busy Rhona her secret.

But she finally reveals to her stunned daughter she is a lesbian.

Emmerdale Rhona is stunned by Mary's secret

Rhona is shocked by her mum’s revelation.

When more truths come out, Rhona questions whether her family was built on lies.

5. Marlon takes a step

Emmerdale Kit encourages Marlon to walk

Marlon is still struggling with his physio.

He’s finding it tough, but perseveres.

Emmerdale Kit encourages Marlon to walk

It’s not long before he manages to take his first step with a walking frame.

Marlon and Rhona are overjoyed.

6. Rhona proposes

Rhona Goskirk shows Marlon Dingle a ring and smiles

Rhona surprises Marlon when he wakes up with a proposal.

How will he react to her gesture?

7. Laurel wants love

Emmerdale Laurel looks downcast as she admits she ready for a new relationship

Laurel surprises herself when she admits she’s ready for a new relationship.

But who will be her next love?

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8. Cathy’s bubble burst

Emmerdale Cathy is thrilled when Samson invites her to a party

Cathy is thrilled when Samson suggests going to River’s party together.

But she’s left disappointed when Samson makes it clear it’s just as friends.

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