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Faith's news destroys Chas and Cain

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Emmerdale spoilers for next week reveal Faith gets devastating news about her cancer. But how will Cain and Chas react?

Meanwhile on the ITV soap, Leyla prepares to confess and Liv gets a surprise visitor.

All this and more in next week’s Emmerdale spoilers.

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1. Moira begs Cain to forgive Faith

Moira talking to Cain who is sat on the sofa in Emmerdale

It’s the day of Faith’s scan and Moira is upset Cain doesn’t go with his mother.

Moira begs Cain to be there for Faith, but will she get through to him?

2. Faith gets heartbreaking news

Chas and Faith sat in the consultant's room in Emmerdale

Faith gets the devastating news her cancer has spread.

Chas begs her mum to reconsider when Faith decides to stop treatment.

Chas crying as Faith watches in Emmerdale

However, Faith is resolute.

Chas is utterly distraught, but forced to accept Faith’s decision.

3. Chas and Cain bond

Chas and Cain talking in Emmerdale

After Faith’s scan reveals her chemo isn’t working Chas and Cain spend a night soul-searching.

As they share traumatic childhood memories Chas can see Cain’s in pain, but will it make a difference to how he feels about Faith?

4. Chas escapes with Al

Chas and Al kiss Emmerdale

Chas meets with Al and they share a passionate kiss.

But Al is reluctant to take advantage of vulnerable Chas.

Chas looking at Al in Emmerdale

However, he eventually relents and lets her use him to escape her problems.

Is he getting in too deep?

Chas looking at her phone in Emmerdale

When Chas later receives a message from Al, they secretly plan to meet.

She’s excited, but will Paddy realise what his wife is doing?

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5. Liam catches Leyla out

Liam holding flowers Emmerdale

Leyla uses Priya as a cover when Liam questions her drinking.

However, Priya soon lets slip they weren’t out together the previous evening.

6. Leyla confesses?

Liam sleeping on the sofa as Leyla watches Emmerdale

After Liam confronts Leyla, she returns home to find him sleeping.

She then makes a big decision…

Leyla looking at Liam Emmerdale

Leyla places her bags of cocaine on the table and prepares to confess all.

But will she go through with it and tell Liam the truth?

7. Liv’s mum turns up

Sandra walking into Liv's house Leyla looking at Liam Emmerdale

Liv’s mum, Sandra, turns up and asks for help with her drinking.

The arrival leaves Liv stunned.

Liv looking shocked in Emmerdale

Is she really the best person to help Sandra?

And is her mum being completely truthful about why she’s really here?

8. Will David come clean?

Priya David Jacob in Emmerdale

David is adamant he’s going through with his insurance fraud.

But Priya and Jacob make it clear they don’t approve, so will he persevere?

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9. What’s wrong with Matty in Emmerdale spoilers?

Matty kicking a chair in Emmerdale

Matty is acting very moody and Amy asks Ryan about it.

But Matty is fuming when he finds out and kicks a chair flying. What’s really going on?

10. Charles meets his daughter

Emmerdale Charles and Ethan looking shocked

Charles is shocked when Ethan tells him Naomi has gone missing.

The vicar realises it’s likely because he refused to meet her.

Charles pointing to someone on the floor in Emmerdale

He goes looking for his daughter and finds her in a bar arguing, so steps in to defend her.

Charles pushes her boss to the floor.

Charles and Naomi in Emmerdale

Naomi’s stunned when Charles lets slip she’s his daughter.

How will she react to meet her dad at last?

Emmerdale usually airs weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV, with an hour episode on Thursdays.

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