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Two huge secrets are exposed

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Emmerdale spoilers for next week reveal two secrets are exposed on the ITV soap as Suzy and Sandra are forced to confess.

But how will the truth go down?

Meanwhile, Dawn finds herself with another child, but will she tell social services?

All this and more in next week’s Emmerdale spoilers.

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1. Suzy’s secret revealed?

Emmerdale Vanessa looks concerned as Suzy tries to explain herself to upset Moira and Jai

A photo of Holly appears in Suzy’s slide show and Moira recognises it from the day Holly died.

Suzy lies to cover herself, but Vanessa knows something isn’t right and forces Suzy to confess.

Will she tell Moira?

2. Sandra confesses her secret

Liv looks concerned in Emmerdale as Sandra explains her troubles

Sandra admits she owes £4k to a man named Terry and begs Liv and Vinny to help her.

Liv and Vinny allow Sandra to stay but are worried whether they can trust her.

Emmerdale Sandra looks terrified as menacing Terry demands his money

Terry soon storms in and puts the pressure on for his money.

Sandra’s relieved when Liv offers to pay the money, but will her plan backfire?

3. Emmerdale spoilers: Dawn gets a new child

Emmerdale Dawn is worried when she goes back to her friend Jade's house

Dawn goes to the funeral of old friend Beth and meets with another mate, Jade.

After she goes back to Jade’s, Jade gets drugged up and Dawn realises it’s a bad idea to be there.

Emmerdale Dawn is shocked to find Clemmie

However, Dawn is stunned when she finds a child there who is the daughter of recently deceased Beth.

Clemmie doesn’t even know her mum has died.

Emmerdale Dawn is shocked to find Clemmie

Dawn offers to take Clemmie home when a dangerous man walks in.

Billy begs her to call social services, but relents that Clemmie can stay for one night.

Will Dawn do the right thing the next day?

4. Amelia steals Gabby’s identity!

Emmerdale Gabby is horrified to get a visiting order from Noah

Gabby is disgusted to get a visiting order from Noah and throws it in the bin.

Amelia spots it and steals Gabby’s ID so she can visit Noah in prison.

Emmerdale Noah is surprised to see Amelia in the prison visiting room

Noah is shocked when it’s Amelia who comes to visit rather than Gabby.

But will he be pleased to see a friendly face?

5. Lydia gives Amelia advice

Emmerdale Amelia listens as Lydia tries to give her some body confidence

Lydia tries to get Amelia to confide in her about her body confidence issues.

She thinks she’s got through, but is Charles about to ruin it all?

6. Marlon pops the question to Paddy!

Marlon Dingle asks Paddy Kirk to be his best man

Marlon is excited when he reaches a new milestone.

He soon asks Paddy to be his best man and Paddy is thrilled.

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7. Matty struggles

Emmerdale Matty is upset

Matty is upset over the fact he was absent for Holly’s death.

Can anyone comfort him?

8. Nicola takes control

Emmerdale Nicola goes back to work when Jimmy returns

Nicola wants to avoid confessing to Jimmy so goes back to work at the cafe.

But eventually she steels herself and tells him exactly how tough she is finding things since her attack.

Emmerdale determined Nicola looks through her notebook

After posting the video of her attack online calling for information on her attackers, Nicola feels stronger.

She calls PC Swirling after the video gets her a name, but will it be enough to convict them?

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