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Emmerdale Spoilers: First look at new pics for April 25-29

More heartbreak for Marlon and big drama for Jai

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The Emmerdale spoilers for next week see Marlon’s emotional homecoming following his debilitating stroke.

However, it seems his family’s troubles are just beginning after a terrible incident leaves April terrified.

Meanwhile, Jai has to face a battle from his past and high-and-mighty Kim finds herself taken down a peg or two.

All this and much more in next week’s Emmerdale spoilers.

1. Marlon’s happy homecoming

Emmerdale Marlon pushed in wheelchair by ambulance man as he comes home to the village as he arrives back in the village.

After weeks of treatment recovering from his stroke, Marlon is finally well enough to head home.

Excited April decorates the house to welcome him back. Meanwhile, Mary assures Rhona that she has her full support.

Chas and Cain stand in the village and welcome back Marlon

Marlon’s friends and family are delighted to see him back in the village – Chas and Cain giving him a warm welcome.

Soon, the family start to come to terms to what their new lives with Marlon will be.

2. Terror for April

Emmerdale April gives Marlon a drink of water

April is delighted to spend time with her dad, and keen to help out where she can.

She helps give Marlon a drink of water when he’s thirsty, but panics as he starts to choke.

Emmerdale Marlon slumped on chair choking as April panics

Poor April thinks her dad is having another stroke. Terrified, she calls out for Rhona.

Luckily, Marlon is OK. However, he is later worried when April decides to go to a friend’s house rather than spend time at home. Marlon thinks he should go back to hospital.

3. Rhona faces the future

Emmerdale Marlon and Rhona in living room,, Marlon in dressing gown, talking

Rhona tries to help fearful April and downbeat Marlon, but April wants to talk to him alone. What will father and daughter work out?

Meanwhile, Rhona suggests to Marlon she goes back to work to earn some cash as their finances aren’t looking great.

4. Jai’s industrial revolution

Emmerdale KIm and Jai in front of picket line. Kim angry.

Kim is cross to find the staff outside HOP picketing over their new contracts. She berates Jai and tells him to consider himself demoted until he solves the problem.

However, Jai’s reaction isn’t quite what she’s expecting.

Emmerdale Kim and friend outside picket line

Kim is forced to waitress herself when a wealthy friend turns up for a coffee.

Later, Jai and Laurel meet Kim and present her with a case study against the new contracts. But will Kim be in the mood to listen?

5. Jai back on coke in Emmerdale spoilers?

Emmerdale Laurel and Jai reunite outside

Laurel is proud of Jai’s stance on the strike. She realises what a great team they are and tells him she wants them to get back together properly.

Later, Jai realises he has lost his wallet. He and Laurel search for it at Take A Vow, but are shocked when they find it down the back of the chair – along with a bag of drugs.

Emmerdale Jai is accused of being on coke again by Laurel and Priya

Laurel and Priya accuse Jai of being back on coke. He denies it, but Laurel isn’t so sure.

When Rishi reveals that Jai nearly relapsed a few weeks ago, and had drugs near the kids, Laurel hits the roof. Has Jai lost everything?

6. Amelia’s image problem

Emmerdale Kerry showing Amelia phone picture with filters

Amelia gets annoyed when Kerry comments on the amount of filters she uses on her social media posts.

It’s clear Amelia is upset. But what is behind the teen’s distress?

7. Marcus moves in

Emmerdale Marcus and Charles in living room as Marcuus moves in

Ethan and Marcus‘ relationship moves to a new level as Marcus moves into Tall Trees.

Ethan begs Charles not to wind his boyfriend up as Marcus loads his stuff into the house. However, it soon becomes clear that Charles might not be able to resist.

More Emmerdale spoilers below…

8. Beaten up Billy

Emmerdale Billy, Will, Dawn. Billy in hospital bed beaten up

Billy has been attacked and is in hospital. Billy tells Dawn that he’s sure he was beaten up because he was black.

With a suspect arrested, Will and Dawn are sure justice will prevail – but Billy is not so convinced.

9. Ethan’s dilemma

Emmerdale Ethan and Jordan at police station sat at table talking about assault charge

Ethan is called into work and meets Jordan, who has been arrested on suspicion of assault. However, he’s shocked to realise that Billy was his victim.

Ethan suggests to Jordan it might be best for someone else to represent him. But when Jordan doesn’t agree, what will Ethan do?

10. Noah’s swipes Chloe’s phone

Noah with Chloe's phone

Noah and Chloe meet in the Woolpack. However, when she’s distracted he manages to grab her phone.

With Noah becoming obsessed by Chloe, what will his next move be?

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