Emmerdale SPOILERS: First Look at next week’s episodes in 10 pictures

Nate and Tracy welcome their baby daughter into the world

Emmerdale spoilers in pictures for next week see Tracy give birth, while Faith makes an unexpected return to the village.

Meanwhile, Jimmy and Nicola panic when Carl goes missing.

All this and more in the Emmerdale spoilers for next week.

1. Tracy has her baby 

Nate and Tracy offer to look after Kyle and Issac while Cain and Moira have a night out.

But as Cain drops the boys over to Tracy and Nate’s, Tracy’s contractions start.

Cain races to get the car and rushes everyone to the hospital.

As Tracy’s labour progresses, Nate is overwhelmed and goes to find Cain in the corridor.

The pair share a heartwarming chat and Nate heads back into the labour room to support Tracy.

Tracy gives birth to a baby girl and Nate is bursting with pride.

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2. Faith gets a chilly welcome 

When Cain cancels their evening out because Tracy’s in labour, Moira heads home.

But en route, she is shocked to bump into Faith.

However, she’s even more surprised to find Faith dressed as an undertaker.

Not wanting to answer Moira’s questions, Faith runs to the hearse, steals it, and races away.

Later Moira finds the hearse parked up at home and demands an explanation from Faith.

Faith is still clearly heartbroken over what happened with Cain and Moira feels sorry for her.

Cain gets home from the hospital and is fuming to see Faith there.

Faith begs for forgiveness but Cain doesn’t want to hear her excuses.

Chas is shocked to see Faith is back and admits that she has missed her.

But soon Cain and Chas are at loggerheads over Faith and a Dingle court is called.

Will the family agree to let Faith stay in the village?

3. Carl goes missing 

Nicola and Jimmy talk about Juliette, unaware she is watching them.

When Carl later goes missing the pair panic, guessing Juliette is to blame.

They call the police but are shocked when Angel admits Carl is with Juliette.

Soon Juliette arrives back with Carl and Jimmy wants her arrested.

Juliette calmly explains the situation and PC Swirling lets her off.

Later Nicola arranges a meeting with Juliette behind Jimmy’s back.

But her plan to talk woman-to-woman backfires when Jimmy catches them.

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4. Charity signs away the pub

Charity is still being shut out by her family and signs over her share of the pub to make amends.

But later she’s the one dishing out the advice when Rishi sees her looking lonely.

He asks her advice on his trouble with Manpreet and is shocked by her honest answer.

Will Rishi take on board what Charity has said?

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