Emmerdale SPOILERS: First Look at next week’s episodes in 10 pictures

Mandy's distraught when Paul's kidnapped

Emmerdale spoilers in pictures for next week see Paul kidnapped in front of a horrified Mandy, while Gabby discovers she is pregnant with Jamie’s baby.

Meanwhile, Manpreet fights to save her marriage, but is Rishi ready to forgive and forget?

All this and more in the Emmerdale spoilers for next week.

1. Paul gets kidnapped 

Mandy gets a call from Paul, telling her that he is in grave danger.

She races to the scrapyard and is horrified when she sees a mysterious van pull up.

Mandy is helpless as Connor and his mates jump out and kidnap Paul right in front of her.

Connor demands that Mandy finds £4000 by the following day if she wants to see Paul again.

Mandy and a distraught Vinny vow to find the cash.

But when they struggle to raise the funds they ask Connor for more time.

Connor refuses and demands the money the next day or Paul’s in danger.

Mandy manages to find the cash, but is sheepish about where she got it.

Mandy and Vinny go to meet with Connor armed with the money and a cricket bat.

The pair are terrified as Connor approaches them in a balaclava.

Will Mandy hand over the mysterious cash?

And will Connor return Paul back in one piece?

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2. Gabby’s pregnant 

Laurel is worried about Gabby, who has been acting out of sorts.

Gabby covers her fears that she could be pregnant, not wanting to worry Laurel.

Gabby tries to talk to Jamie about her concerns.

But he shuts her down, telling her she was a bad, drunken mistake.

Gabby is devastated when Jamie tells her to forget what happened between them.

Laurel is shocked when Gabby admits she could be pregnant and urges her to take a test.

Gabby is horrified when the test confirms she is having Jamie’s baby.

Gabby refuses to tell Laurel who the dad is, while Laurel reassures her she isn’t alone.

As Jamie plans his next move with Dawn, Gabby arrives to tell him she is pregnant.

But when Jamie is less that welcoming, will she tell him her news?

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3. Manpreet tries to build bridges 

Charles talks to Manpreet and encourages her to keep fighting to save her marriage to Rishi.

But Rishi makes it clear he doesn’t want anything to do with Manpreet.

Meena tells Rishi it is about time he forgave Manpreet, but her words fall on deaf ears.

Charles finds Rishi and tries to convince him to rebuild his relationship with Manpreet.

Will Rishi listen to the vicar’s advice?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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