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Meena plans to kill again

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Emmerdale spoilers for next week reveal Meena putting her plan in motion to kill Manpreet and Vinny.

Meanwhile Tracy considers moving away and Priya returns to work.

All this and more in next week’s Emmerdale.

1. Manpreet and Vinny trapped by Meena

With Vinny and Manpreet held captive in a barn, Meena uses Vinny’s phone to send Mandy a reassuring message and keep her off the trail.

Meanwhile Manpreet fills a horrified Vinny in on Meena’s past victims.

Terrified, Vinny reassures Manpreet that they’re going to be fine.

Remembering his house keys are in his pocket, Vinny kicks them to Manpreet just before Meena arrives.

Meena forces another dose of drugs on Manpreet.

Vinny is terrified and left fearing the end might be near when she wheels in an IV setup.

Over at the doctor’s surgery, Liam is perplexed to discover Meena’s medical records do not show her pregnancy or miscarriage.

The next day Manpreet fights the drugs in her system and finally manages to reach the keys.

Vinny loses consciousness before Manpreet manages to snap the cable ties on her hands.

When Meena returns to the barn, a freed Manpreet attacks her, wounding her sister’s wrist.

But Meena gains the upper hand and ties her sister up again.

2. Liam gets closer to the truth

At the surgery, Liam is concerned when he sees blood seeping through a dressing on Meena’s wrist.

He tells Meena he knows about the fake pregnancy.

She threatens to accuse Liam of sexually harassing her at the Christmas party if he continues to dig through her business.

3. Meena kills Manpreet and Vinny?

Meena informs Vinny and Manpreet that Liam’s interference has escalated and today will be their final day alive.

However Mandy is concerned when she finds out Vinny didn’t turn up to a visit with Liv.

Meena drives the Dingle van into the barn and closes the doors.

Manpreet and Vinny are terrified knowing there’s no escape from the fumes.

4. Tracy leaves the village?

Tracy asks Nate to look after Frankie while she attends her post-natal depression seminar.

Nate is thrilled the atmosphere seems to have started to thaw between them.

Sam offers Nate some wise words on how to win Tracy back.

Later Tracy tells Charity she’s been offered a new job in Nottingham but worries about the disruption to her personal life.

Tracy is shocked by Charity’s support when she encourages her to take the job.

However Tracy’s heart is pulled seeing the pain on Nate’s face when she tells him she and Frankie are moving.

Angered Nate reels from Tracy’s revelation about leaving.

He undermines her ability to cope in a new city and Tracy’s insecurity resurfaces.

Nate is guilty to realise he has crushed her dream. What will Tracy do?

5. Priya returns to work

Jai goes to Take A Vow and asks Leyla to get Priya back in the office.

Priya is determined on her first day, but struggles with the discomfort of her burns.

Priya is stressed when a forceful and unhappy client barges in on the warpath.

Priya’s on the ball as she deals with Cassie’s inquiries but the urge to scratch her scars gets the better of her.

When she leaves, she’s distressed to hear Cassie making light of her scratching.

6. Financial troubles for The HOP?

Jai and Kim get a hefty Health & Safety fine from the accidents at the Survival Challenge.

Jai secretly makes an application to a loan company but is crestfallen when it’s not accepted.

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