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Emmerdale SPOILERS: Faith Dingle drops Moira in it with new lie reveals Sally Dexter

It's becoming harder and harder to keep her cancer battle secret

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Emmerdale favourite Faith Dingle will drop Moira in it next week with a new lie Sally Dexter has revealed.

The barmaid is fighting terminal cancer and is being supported by her daughter-in-law.

Faith looking shocked in Emmerdale
Faith hatches another lie in Emmerdale next week (Credit: ITV)

However she is determined to keep it from her children Cain and Chas until they have forgiven her freely.

But with Moira and Faith growing closer, Chas becomes suspicious.

And next week things take a dramatic turn when Chas finds Moira in a compromising situation with a half-naked Nate Robinson.

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Viewers will remember that Nate seduced Moira when he first arrived in the village in a half-baked revenge plan for his dad Cain.

And when Chas finds the two together – and remembers Faith’s lies – she becomes convinced she is helping Moira resume her affair.

Actress Sally revealed: “Faith is leaning on Moira a lot more than she’d want to.

Emmerdale: Faith Dingle caught in another lie

“She’s very fond of Moira, but Moira only discovered Faith’s secret by accident. Faith wouldn’t have chosen to tell anyone at this point.

“Since then, Faith has found herself relying on Moira more and more, but she doesn’t feel happy about this at all.

“She wants to be a solitary soldier and she doesn’t want to rely on anyone else. But she’s also hugely grateful for the comfort that Moira gives her.”

Later in the week Chas bursts into Moira’s bedroom convinced she will find Nate – only to find her own mother.

Faith is recovering from a session of chemotherapy – but is determined to keep that secret.

Nate shirtless in the kitchen with a worried looking Chas and Moira in Emmerdale
Chas is suspicious after catching Moira and Nate with Faith’s lies in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

Instead she comes up with yet another lie.

Sally teased: “Faith is at Moira’s recovering from her chemotherapy session next week, but Chas has somehow got the wrong idea. She thinks something is going on between Moira and Nate.

“When Chas bursts in, Faith has to think on her feet to throw her completely off the scent – and she does!

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“At the moment, I think Faith is very relieved that people don’t know the truth, because she thinks it will change how they are with her.

“Faith wants to live her life for as long and vibrantly as she can, but she’s lonely.

“There’s a comfort in keeping yourself to yourself, but there’s a loneliness to it as well.”

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